MW Saturn Day Night Horror – Pike River…..& the Gates of Hell


Featured Image – the share thoughtlessness of putting a giant “911” symbol on the side of the Solid Energy Headquarters in Westport. 


Man – the tongue thing just getting out of control. Biblical.

Its very real.

Two of them trailing us today in their cars – just the normal – these snakes gang stalk all of ‘us’ everywhere we go. You know who you are. Or should be starting to figure it out by now at least.

Anyway – the lights go red – and they get caught in the lane next to us/ right next to us. The snake in the front gets immediately and noticeably edgy – he realises he is directly in our side window view. To make matters worse the Sun is shining directly down into his window….and he doesn’t like that at all. Media Whores is quite convinced now that the Power that Be serves this sort of stuff up quite deliberately. Pointing things out.

‘We’ are staring directly at him and he is breaking out in a cold sweat – no doubt aware of our tendency to publish photos and the likes – almost ready to floor the accelerator and just take his chances with the red lights and oncoming traffic. He shifts the head slightly to see if his worst nightmare has happened – that we are indeed staring directly / straight at him – like a trapped opossum. Although we shudder to use that terminology, it does spring to mind. He glances at us…….and behold – the snake tongue comes firing out of the mouth. Snap. Gotcha snake.

We then turned slightly more behind us and…double whammy…….another snake was right behind him and had been watching the whole scene play out. He just nodded slowly. Nothing else was needed. Trailed/ stalked by two snakes in Town today, who got caught out by the traffic lights and put on the stage. Both were redheads we might also note.

Been trying to load the GoPro to show you the footage – but apparently this has been outlawed. We are not to gloat in it. And fine with that. In fact we usually have trouble logging in and getting a connection at all on Saturndays – but some concessions are apparently made for the Jupiterian traits.

We have hours of that sort of footage and have always been meaning to spend a few weeks putting something together – but never seem to stop long enough.

Anyway 2 – that was just the Saturn Day Night Horror intro folks. It happens to most of you on a daily basis – but you do not see it. The Living that is. All of your life in fact…..from your first moments in the hospital as your parents sign the Birth Certificate, most likely to well after you are gone when the mortician is ‘preparing’ and/or stealing your organs.  When you first start to see it – its freaky. When you have been putting up with it and studying it for 1-2 years, it is simply just more guidance and reassurance. And if you are ‘busting’ to see that sort of footage – just watch the Trample on Snakes videos below – or just watch TV in fact. Crawling with it. Slithering might be a better word………

But what we really meant to write about tonight…was the Pike River Rocky Horror Show……..

Oh how these ‘Pike River Families’ have suffered.

Along with the rest of the West Coast and indeed entire Nation. It has been a many years long Morning process now…

Not least due to the ‘democratic’ (cough cough…where is the Vaper) failure to get a consensus on the idea of actually reentering the mine.

We noticed today a Media Works / ISIS camera man has been employed to find bodies. If Media Works can’t create some action, nobody can. …..

These families have been led to the Gates of Hell…and back…..then back again….quite a few times.

Didn’t know any of the poor victims of course but have met people who knew them, or people who know people who knew them….and a few people who used to know someone who knew someone who knew of someone…who knew one. He had just been bailed for crashing his car and reportedly killing someone else – another very common tragedy in these days.

Then to make matters even worse – while this tragic battle has been playing out before our very eyes – this internet thing has been churning away in the background exposing how nearly every single major tragedy and even terrorist event in the past 100+ years has been an absolute hoax and /or false flag. That must be a terrible thing for these Pike River families to have to deal with at the same time…..the idea that it was all quite deliberate – possibly even very well staged.

This really pulls on Media Whore’s heart strings for one…and we personally hope Bernice Monk and the other West Coast Masons can somehow persuade fellow senior mason Weinstein Peters to keep to his election promises…….and let those men out….for good……There have been far too many of these heart breaking tragedies in our ‘communes’ already…..and we sincerely hope this info helps the real victims of these snakes and their endless terror…..

Some related masonic decoding videos below folks – not to be at all insensitive – but to help the long suffering families better figure out just how the shadow government pulls this sort of shit off……..Many are repeats, but in our line of work, you really have to sort of catapult the truth out there…….Pay attention – this really is some of the best work on the net………..Long Live the King!



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