NZ GENOCIDE – These Shape Shifting Demon are Poisoning ALL of Your Food


Featured Image – David Clark MP – NZ’s Minister of Hell/th – responsible for the mass poisoning of the entire New Zealand food supply – with toxic chemical additives that break down your organs and bones.


These shape shifting demons are carrying out genocide in New Zealand – same as they do in every Nation they invade and take over…..throughout history.

With the additives in the food, the fluoride in the water, the vaccines, the medications and on and on….

Shapeshifting demons from the pit – the Seed of Satan. Creating Hell all around them.

You will know them not just by their deeds – but also by their tongues apparently…..and shape shifting faces…..

Demon spies placed all throughout your towns – and just one well placed spy at the local cafe can poison an entire town. And that’s what they are up to. Sending you all to early graves – sick and in pain. Each one a sacrifice to their God ….Satan. While apparently molesting the local children at the same time.

Wake the fk up

Its time to remove these demons from power….and reclaim our Sovereignty.

And we are the ones who are going to do it.

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