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Featured Image – Don Brash, Exclusive Brethren / Masonic snake


Media Whores sat outside an upmarket Lambton Quay / central Wellington business district cafe the other day and drank a coffee, while the music playing on the speakers blasted out rap music saying “my niggas, smoke my crack, fk ma bitches, you ma nigga, smack yo hos up, fk yo ass….” etc….as the well dressed human slaves all marched off to their office cubicals… pay their mortgages….and medical bills…and save up for a respectable death….that their families will approve of.

Its the same in most gyms these days across the Country – and most bars and many cafes. Its all over your TV sets…its even on 7 Days tax payer funded comedy show each week. And when we tried searching for images of “old cows tits” for that story on Todd Heller and his wife the other day, we got pages of hard uncensored porn from Google featuring every different nationality, colour and position you can think of – except Jews of course.

While these snakes all have a ‘serious’ public debate in the mainstream media – about freedom of speech?

And not one of them is yet to even mention Media Whores – the most viewed website in New Zealand……these numbers are now hacked to pieces……

Are you fkg kidding me?

Folks – we will say it again, for those who are a bit slow to catch on….

This is pure theater – designed to suck you in – and divide.

If it is on your TV, in the news, or even in the mainstream media period – there is another agenda behind it. Social engineering, burning a puppet / asset that has turned on them, or simply just dragging you in to the detail / de tail – the snake eating its own tail…..left / right…right/wrong…..up/down…black/white……it is bullshit. These demons from the Pitt care not about colours – that is for the Goy – all they want is your energy and blood…..and kids……

Is that sinking in yet?

The mainstream media, and the Government, they are Corporations – these snakes own the lot of it – as well as your legal name/ birth certificate – so they own you also……if you use it. They are not there to guide you or help you in any way – they are there to mislead you – so they can fk you – take your money, then abuse your children. That’s their job.

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pleased with rowdy Don Brash debate
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Alice Snedden:
Free speech is not
an absolute right
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Oscar Kightley:
Why Don Brash’s
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    Mike says:

    Notice the more recent article on Sunday 12 August, by Heather du Plessis-Allan, regarding more police coverup, in the relentless Haumaha coverup.

    “The case of Wally Haumaha is one that defies all political understanding. It’s got so out of hand, but could have been solved so easily. At the very start, all the Coalition Government needed to do was force Haumaha to resign his job as Police Deputy Commissioner. Problem solved. But for some reason, the Government instead formed a rolling maul and began protecting the man”.
    The worst of his comments was “we have to stick together”. As in, the boys in blue need to have each other’s backs. That’s the bit I think makes him inappropriate for the job. Especially when his boss is the guy who went to Bruce Hutton’s funeral and described him as having “integrity beyond reproach”.

    WHICH IS WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN WITH THE TOTALLY CORRUPT 1080 POISON “BULLDOZER” AGANEDA. Once the bulldozer effect of total and absolute corruption, irregardless of National damage, is noticed it will be getting dictated from the UK based paedophile sodomist satanist Zionists.

    In this case the police refuse under the Official Information Act to supply spoken evidence from the primary group of “operation Austin”, gang baton rapist criminals. So what are the Police covering up, that was spoken about by these gang baton rapist police criminals, that mentioned Haumaha. QUOTE: “Haumaha inquiry: Police refuse to release bugged Operation Austin phone call which mentions Wally Haumaha”.

    She quite naturally concluded that it is becoming obvious that the whole Haumaha saga is being run by the arrogant lying, drug dealing,paedophile enabling, scumbag piece of dogsh*t Winston Peters. (See that Tracy Martin, who is ALSO obviously a Zionist paedo, sodomist mouthpiece, is putting forward a Bill to change birth certificates to now have 4 genders for children to choose from (thereby enable pedo education of the minds and spirits of “other people’s children”) and get this … override medical evidence of gender).

    As PC (politically correct). As the Zionist PC (paedophile creation club). With Winston Peters as being their primary stooge, disguised as Maori. A disguise that allows him to rob loads of $ from both New Zealanders and maoris and Zionists. Whereas he is in fact just a scam merchant and Zionist/Nazi enemy of anything Maori.
    To this fraud, Maori is just another mask to wear, to hide behind, while bringing forward anti Maori and anti NZ people agenda. Drugs, paedophiles, re gendering children, gang raping children, the most massive native bird kill in NZ history by 1080 poison being planned. Total destruction of the NZ family and forest environment is unfolding under Winston Peters.
    Winston Peters has obviously decided, via his cutout orders, that it is the job of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Children, to change the sex of children. That “Internal affairs has decided to change the sex of children…as the paedophile and sodomist enabling ideology proposed by the Minister of Children).
    As obviously a substantial conflict of interest by Tracy Martin. Tracy Martin was also removed from the Haumaha inquiry due to “conflict of interest”. As also was her next selection Paulene Kingi, subject to massive “conflict of interest”. To cover up what really went on in the Haumaha selection process.
    It seems that the sum of the parts of anything connected to Tracy Martin should be renamed as Ministry of Conflict of Interest. As being that totally corrupt.
    A job she appears to have got given as a reward after being party to establishing the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Child abuse. That got rid of at least 80% of the evidence of Child abuse in New Zealand by the powers of Church and State. Also by not including historical child abuse from 2000 until 2015, she was party to enabling current “Government run” paedophile systems and networks to remain untouched. The connection of Haumaha to these paedophile systems, especially in police organisation, is becoming clear. So what is the evidence sought under the Official information Act, that they are refusing to hand over.
    Does the evidence held back include Haumaha as being part of the gang rapist squad? To especially cover up.
    Does the evidence being held back include Mike Clements putting a fence around Haumaha in this inquiry? To especially cover up.
    After all the rule of thumb given by Gregg Hallett is very clear, “if you are a paedophile you will get full NZ police cover to move up the political ranks very quickly”. AND FAMOUSLY “New Zealand is a paedophile ring fronting as a country”. EVEN MORE FAMOUSLY “the NZ Judiciary is an occult mafia”.
    Obviously means total police control and Judicial control “from the top” to ensure the functioning of that “UK controlled” paedophile ring.
    Of course that wouldn’t apply to Simon Bridges of Tauranga who claims “Mike Clements is as straight as a die”, would it ??? Trouble is that Mike Clemets was in charge to cover up the 2015 “police execution” of David Cerven. Trouble is that Mike Clements was in charge of Auckland police being ordered to not attend serious child gang rape complaints. As per the 2015 Justin Davis files. Trouble is that mike Clements was 26 years in the Christchurch police, which Ian Wishart described as the satanic hub of NZ police corruption. Of child sex trafficking, child gang rape, the Peter Ellis set up, extortion, drug running, prostitution……when a Satanist uses the term “straight as a die”, it really means in normal peoples language “a totally twisted snake”.
    Which from such evidence would appear to describe the actual character of Mike Clements, which by the maths, would indicate that this Simon Bridges is a paedophile sodomist satanist coming from Awanui Blacks paedophile child gang rape and boy sodomy hub of Tauranga.
    And Haumaha was being moved up the political ranks by….guess who…NZ First….. Tracy Martin and Fletcher Tabuteau has been a member of New Zealand First since its inception in 1993 ….. and Winston Peters.
    That the police are refusing to hand over material from the Austin enquiry (the one headed by Mike Clements-right hand cop to Mike Bush regarding the massive police and political coverup that took place regarding ongoing Rotorua police and firefighter gang baton rape of Louise Nicolas and others).
    How the observable threads find their way into child gang rape in Auckland, gang baton rapes cover up in Rotorua, child gang rape in Tauranga and beyond with Awanui Black…. to the highest political levels….and of course Sian Elias’s husband Hugh Fletchers favourite flavour was the sodomy of Maori boys while dressed in a real Nazi uniform. Being moved up the political ranks by …guess who…the Tauranga drug runner…Winston Peters.
    Funny how on Saturday 11th August, no mention of the fact that Sian Elias got her QC along with Lowell Goddard was mentioned in the newspaper on Saturday. It said there were only two “first” female QC holders. Sian Elias ands Dame Silvia Cartright.
    That the “intimate QC connection” between totally railroading the UK elite paedophile rings by Lowell Goddard, and Sian Elias, was deliberately covered by the Saturday newspaper. Which is very substantial false reporting.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      the nz police have been very restrained with us.
      kind of have to respect that.
      we sincerely hope that they keep the law…..until the tables are turned and the new republic in place
      at which point all of the good ones will still have promising careers

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    Sham says:

    Pretty much any ‘News’ article that has any form of following is 100% satanic and masonic.

    Check this article out man, shapeshifting tongue and the ‘he’ looks like a tranny – no voice box.Voice is a bit of a giveaway too.. Also has that rectangular formation regarding the hair – much like the trannyman richie mcwhore.

    The guy interviewing him is likely another one – theres so many more secret trannies out there than what we can all even begin to fathom. Not to mention how many peoples ‘bosses’ and big business owners out there who receive, and have received sodomy in order to get them their business or their role – or being a fkn pedo. The whole system is based on sodomy, pedofilia and transgenderism. Satanism at its core, perverting the Physical Image and Temple of God.

    The obvious freemason in the article has these facts about them

    21 yrs old
    owns 11 properties
    $3,000000 is what ‘his’ properties are valued at
    $60,000 profit per year on each house
    3am lightbulb moment mentioned
    Will be staying away somewhere for 3 months.

    Not only is everyone you see on TV a Tranny and/or a homosexual/lesbian but also pretty much every ‘news’ article has one also.Not to mention every single council in the country, every courthouse, every school, every supermarket, every cop shop, every mayor, every youtube ‘hero’, every dairy farm, every and any place that sells pulled pork, and so on. They’re every fkn where. The snake pit alright bro – A Fkn TRANSVASION

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