Rhianna – Shape Shifter Seed of Cain/ Saturn #TheyLive



(Side note – Media Whores is apparently no longer ‘permitted’ to plug in our GoPro and actually watch any of our own footage. The footage is simply for the powers that be to watch and go over, via the inbuilt wireless function no doubt. That is the level of control over this internet thing. All will be revealed – as we so choose and when we see fit) 

That shot of Rhianna really stood out to us – worth repeating – see first video below.

We live in a pit of snakes. Or at least our planet is run by these shape shifting snakes. The Seed of Cain. Children of Saturn/ Satan. They are either from Saturn or just worship Saturn – the ‘God’ of Time (the so called forth dimension)…….and money. Time is Money. $$$. Snakes.


Ruling over us with fake science, fake history, fake medicines, fake food…and of course the money supply $$. Feeding you a diet of dead animals – while they feed off your blood….take a look at the size of the all new tax payer funded blood donation building in Christchurch. FFKS……do you really think we need to donate that much blood? They drink the fkg stuff…..

This is not the ancient Aztecs or Egyptians – this is today……..Babylon.

Keeping us all nice and entertained as well – so we don’t notice.

Targeting our hearts – what they consider to be a human weakness – with never ending fiction, science fiction, elections….and now even terrorism…..

Most of them playing multiple roles…..as they can shape shift form and apparently move between time also.

Never ending bullshit….its all theater. Right down to the very shape of the Plane-T you live on.

You are free to believe in the dream they sell you – but you will never be one of ‘them – and all you really do is work for them – paying taxes, mortgages and insurance, while they suck the soul out of you – farm you to eventual early death…..while vaccinating and sexually abusing your kids. Sold the illusion of freedom and ‘democracy’.

You will know them by their deeds………and tongues….the Demons…….although masters of music and performance – can give them that…….


“Raised in Queens, along with eleven siblings, by a black stepfather and a white mother (a Polish Jew who had told her children little about her origins), he was sent to predominantly Jewish schools at the insistence of his mother. She was intent on his getting what she considered the best education available, even if she herself had long been cut off from her family and her religious upbringing, ever since marrying an African-American minister and converting to Christianity” – Source 

(Rhianna at the very end of this one…..)

“Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on 20 February 1988,[11] in Saint Michael, Barbados. Her mother, Monica (Braithwaite), is a retired accountant of Afro-Guyanese background, and her father, Ronald Fenty, is a warehouse supervisor of Afro-Barbadian and Irish descent.” – (Irish my ass) – Wikipedo

Most of them are actually trannies – if not all……


Drake’s mother, Sandra “Sandi” Graham (née Sher), is an Ashkenazi Jewish Canadian who worked as an English teacher and florist.- Wikipedo

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