Sunday Scripture – Gen 1:29 – Dominion over Animals


Featured Image – Babylon – where you are living, right now.


Bit fed up…… be Sinatra.

Just feeding the beast really. Staring into the Abyss.

Caleb Smith from the Domain Name Commission apparently hot on our heels.

Media Whores has been sent the correspondence on the condition that we do not make any comments about pedophile Nazi satanists. Which we have agreed to. Except for that one. Which was required for explanatory purposes only.

Caleb Smith is the first picture by the way – we have added in some others from the Domain Name Commission……and the Justin Davis Files…….and some of the chess clubs mentioned in the JD Files, just to make it more interesting. Plus one bonus image of Clerk-in-Hell and hubby – just because it popped up while searching. It is presumably these sorts after all that have inspired the Domain Name Commission to suddenly do an audit on anyone associated with Media Whores and start demanding more information – just days after our article accusing David Clark MP of running the entire ‘ring’. Presumably we can say ‘ring’?……Do the math. Can we say Do the math still?? Please, that has been one of our favorites also.

Apparently you must be a “properly constituted organization” in order to operate a website in New Zealand.

What the fuck is a “properly constituted organization”?

New Zealand doesn’t have a fkg constitution to begin with. That is what Republics have. And Republics also have freedom of speech.

Apparently these guys are a “Charity” lol. A limited liability charity at that. Presumably they all go out and rescue cats from trees and help old ladies cross the roads on weekends – after chess club meetings perhaps.

And Caleb states in his final email “We are not going to argue with you” – reminds us of that Greg Hallett quote about the type of people who “demand respect” – but we are not allowed to say it. The presumption of authority over others – their slaves. Even now by a so called ‘charity’. The madness intensifying as we march / are marched steadfastly into the all new Babylon.

Basically this is how it works – you must use some sort of legal name to publish on the internet – that is what they are after – either a company name or ‘person’ name – a person also being a legal corporation, as it appears on your birth certificate. Once they have a legal name – you are then in their legal system – which we have well established is run by pedophiles for pedophiles – mostly high flying corporate pedophiles – who usually also do ‘charity work’.

Once they have a legal name – then they can start sending pedophile corporate lawyers after you – injunctions, summons, serving papers, the standard corporate private investigators etc. They unleash hell upon you – in order to try and make the allegations and stories of their pedophilia go away.

You are in short – not simply allowed to be a free man – speaking freely – on the internet in NZ. You have to be in THEIR Just Us legal system – legal as in eagle – run by the reptile Phoenicians. Then they got you by the balls, as they do all of us really.

Media Whores will either have to provide a name – or shut down. If we provide a name – all hell will break loose.

We are thinking it over.

What we are witnessing is the slow and steady corporatization of the internet – always meant as a means to further corporate control of the stock/ lamb (thats us)


In regards scripture – been throwing around that Seed of Cain label a bit of late. Tried reading the actual story tonight and ended up a bit confused. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn the names have been swapped around at some stage to add confusion. And obviously the original problem was one brother killing the other. That started all of the trouble……

The redheads thing has kept popping up of course – both in our work and others we have quoted.

Media Whores has known and met a lot of redheads in our time. Some very loyal type ones. Some pretty tough ones. What has seemed to be very honest ones. And certainly many very helpful ones. Pretty good technically and with their hands is one impression that springs to mind. Noticed a couple in the recent anti 1080 protest which is cool, but also apparently leading the abortion movement, which is not.

We should point that out. Those who have watched the videos we have provided will also note the guys making those comments state it is not all redheads. In fact Trample On Snakes himself looks like he could have a little red. Santos Bonacci whom we quote often looks a bit shifty at the best of times. Even a bit of that look going on in our own not so distant family, although not immediate.

We are concerned with these people that are running the show – with their fake science, fake food, fake educations, fake money and on and on. Many of them seem to be redheads, granted, but we certainly do not blame every Tom Dick and Harry in the local neighborhood for what the greedy psychopaths at the top get up to.

You will know them by their deeds. If it turns out to be an exclusive brood of redheads only running the show, we will be as surprised as the next man.

Greedy control freaks trying to own and run everything is the problem in our view.

What if say – we were to all agree to give the greedy control freaks their corporate super cities to manage and control – and all those who wanted to go to the malls, dress in high fashions, sit at traffic lights all day, and otherwise take it up the rear are completely free to do so. But we then agree to have at least some Greedy Control Freak Free Zones around the Country – where normal human beings are free to just take it easy and do as little harm as possible? Would that work perhaps?

The problem is obviously that these greedy control freaks seem to want to control every last bit of it – slowly going around closing the countryside down, roping everything off, putting up “No Camping” signs everywhere, most of the old river access roads shut down, now fenced off and / or converted into dairy farms, shutting down many of the old quiet roads that led nowhere in particular, then 1080 Poison signs put all over any other empty space they can find. Psychotic fkg maniacs.


Now quickly – about the dominion over animals… it is……

It actually says “rule over” but we have heard the words “dominion over’ in other forums.

Dominion over or rule over ie) mankind has the power or control over – not the ownership of. Different things. If the animals are on some land you want to use for good purpose – then move them on – they are fully equipped with everything they need to move on, where as humans are not. Humans do not even own their land to be frank. They are given “Titles” to own and then have to pay rates ie) renting off the Crown.

Either way – it goes on to say the herbs and seeds should be your food. Not the animals.

How on Earth these so called ‘Christians’ went from – “rule over” to “dominion over” to fence them in, stick your hands up their bum, stick your hands up their private parts (artificial insemination), then bash their kids over the heads when they finally arrive, cut their throats, cut them up, put them in your freezer, then cook and eat them……with sauce… fact build entire factories across your Nations dedicated to such practices-  is beyond comprehension really. And clear and obvious testimony to their collective stupidity. Add to that also that in just 30-50 odd years they have gone from one roast per week with leftovers, to 3 meals a day containing at least some factory farmed, vaccinated, toxic dead meat. Most probably also munching down the HEK293 ‘protein’ natural flavours as well…which is Cannibalism. Feasting on the blood offered to them by the masonic corporate forces they now worship – and so now surrounded in a pool of their own………

Much like their belief in Nasa and arguably even the Holocaust – Hollywood productions – and both in clear contradiction to the teachings in their Bibles – namely the quotes on the flat Earth and various quotes on not building temples down here and worshiping false idols and other Gods.

The poor Christians have been quite deliberately led astray. And the more they prey for ‘Israel’ – the worse it gets for all of us. Blissfully unaware of what Israel even is. Most of them are on some form of new age medication – they are now completely surrounded by dairy farms and cow shit, and the masons that control their towns and churches have completely poisoned their water and food supplies and have them all sitting in traffic lights all day long. Being strangled to death…….by the Snake Incorporated.

The goal is quite obviously to destroy them completely. And it is all being done in a perfectly legal fashion. The powers that be cleverly protecting themselves from any guilt. All by consent. They know how the law works also – the Christians are now breaking almost every rule in their Bibles and are thus being punished. That is how shit works. Kill and be killed……..slowly but surely. Truth is mankind is not supposed to be hobbling around bent over and on medications wearing adult diapers in their 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s – something we have previously covered. Decades of advanced new age medicines and so called medical break throughs – and we are now the sickest of all the species on Earth. By design. Led away from nature……what is natural. Organic food for the human organism. Blinded to the most simple truths by the those smiling corporate pedos in new suits, the TV screens, fashions and never ending latest upgrades.

Media Whores is no fan of standing by and watching things be deliberately and violently destroyed – not least people – as well as animals – but a wiser man would probably just shut this shit down and try to disappear off quietly somewhere. Quite obviously a skill we need to work on. The shutting up bit that is…….










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