Jacinda Ardern Drinks Human Blood – & will Ban Plastic Bags – Up the Ass


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern (who is actually redhead bad actor Peter Thiel using a fake name), in one of his/ her demonic trances



That is up your ass of course. You are taking it up the ass – and will do until these demons are removed from power….and a new republic formed.

We have no idea what Peter Thiel puts up his own ass – or others put up his ass for him – but it can’t be good/ by God…..


Your entire food supply now poisoned with gender bending and cancer causing food additives – the water supply full of sodium fluoride – children across the nation being vaccinated with genetically modified monkey kidney cells and formaldehyde – a nation now caged in by demonic mass murder dairy farms ………and this homosexual / transgender lunatic is going to ban plastic fkg bags to save us all.

And her/his fellow bisexual/ homosexual and indeed just new age ‘liberal’ supporters will all actually cheer it on as some form of revolutionary progress. Indeed they are….


And keep in mind that these same globalist corporate demons only ever introduced plastic bags so they could make a mess then campaign to ban them – and be our saviors once again. The stores always used to provide harmless paper bags.

So hands up who recalls voting for the banning of plastic bags in the previous election?

Does anyone recall voting for the banning of smoking?

Does anyone recall voting to have 1080 dropped all over our Countryside?

Does anyone recall voting to have more cows than people ?

Does anyone recall voting for mass immigration, while we promote the abortion of our own babies?

The list goes on and on and on

We are governed over by highly inbred lunatic Soviet Tavistock trained fake Jews. Redhead fake Jews at that. Although some are just married to these redheads – the real power behind them. Just reporting the facts…….can’t be asses finding all of the images tis morning…..here are a few that popped up.

These demons pose as Jews – and often as Christians – and arguably even pose as redheads – simply to destroy both in our minds …….what they really are – is shape shifters…..

Shape shifters…..possibly not even human, with many arguing they are in fact from the planet Saturn……or just plain old demons from the Pitt…….

These redhead Jewish fascists are running a corporate fascist system of terror over the NZ people – genociding as many white and brown people as they can, while they skillfully import as many new Kiwis as possible to replace us, and make sure mortgage sales do not suffer.

They use fake science – all of which is hyped up in the media – to achieve their goals….

Ginger Jews

These same Jewish redheads have been at it for centuries….

They do this while constantly covering up their own pedophilia and industrial scale child sex rings – apparently they actually drink the blood of children so as to reverse the aging process…..and disguise it all cleverly using pizza coded language…..


They are now harvesting the blood of Kiwis in massive blood donation buildings / factories across the Country…..cleverly disguised as ‘charities’

They have staged the entire war of terror – their fourth or fifth Reich – and are using it to bring in global world government run by computers from Israel – with a chemically dumbed down, vaccinated, microchiped  and otherwise poisoned slave population underneath them.

But do not panic – for there will endless amounts of entertainment streamed to you non stop via ever smarter TV’s and other devices.

Although you will now have to carry a little bag with you to go shopping – which will be searched at the entrance once it catches on – with security guards placed at all of the entrance ways to the supermarkets.


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