Greymouth District Council Gang Stalking Event – in Full


Featured Image – todays Gang Stalkers – do you know them? Brethren? Masons?  Cos that’s who is running it. 


Media Whores has been sent an update on that Greymouth District Council gang stalking event – the guy had recorded a video as he entered the car park knowing full well that the Council/ Masons/ demons would be stalking him due to his involvement in asking questions about the Pike River False Flag  – this is what these filthy corrupt dogs do to people who ask questions about their various crimes and cover ups…….or exposing the child abuse rings these people operate in NZ……

MW Saturn Day Night Horror – Pike River…..& the Gates of Hell

Just in case anyone thought to themselves “oh well he parked next to a works sign” – here is the proof. There was no one there when he arrived – nice and quiet. Around 11am. If the truck and diggers were already working there, they would have left the machines behind to go have smoko.

Within 10-20 minutes, a new 4wd shows up – plate number JJH839 with two guys in it, parks right outside the rear window – lights on high beam in the middle of the day – this is called “brightening” – all of these snakes now drive with their lights on in the middle of the day. They track you via your cell phone or another chip in your possession – using some sort of App these masons have on their smart phones these days – then those guys called it in – ‘yup, we have located him’…….

……….and then within another 20 or so mins a giant digger and a truck show up to start making as much noise as possible. The Hilux drove off 100 meters away and parked up – to watch and no doubt instruct the entire operation.

The Grey Council or masons/ Brethren that run it will probably be sitting there right now changing all of the days work orders so it all looks legit should any further questions be asked.

Folks – your entire Government – and Councils – and media obviously – are run by these snakes. They are now spying on everyone – or at least on all political targets – just like they did in Soviet Russia and Hitler’s Germany, and East Germany after that. No different – and the same inbred gang of snakes. If you speak out about their crimes etc – they deploy against you – using public tax and rates money to do it. It could be digging the drains outside your house, putting spot lights up on the street “for your security” – or even targeting your kids at school, who will simply come home one day in tears and broken.


We live in a pit of snakes……and here is the proof……..Media Whores also has hours of this sort of footage……and if you are not part of their masonic club – it will be happening to you and your family also…….

We are farmed – and cow prodded – by these snakes our entire lives. We just don’t see it.


Some other examples of so called “brightening” – masons with their lights in the middle of the day – many more online…….

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