Redhead Gingers Against Pedophilia…..& Gang Stalking ! #TOS


Featured Image – Orange road cones all over the country – telling you to stop, slow down, wipe your ass, don’t wipe your ass, and other wise bow down…to Satan….the original Cone Head presumably. Orange adds to 33 in numerology. ie) masonic – the snakes telling you who and what they are. 

And the fake Jews were scattered among the Nations – Bible Hub 

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Media Whores has just been informed that the guy driving that digger today – was another redhead.

Now why this matters is because – as we have previously stated on this site – we have known many redheads over the years – most of whom seemed like pretty good people. Except for the odd notable exception such as Mason the redhead GHB date rape dealer in Auckland who tells everyone ‘jokes’ about pedophilia …….and one tough little jealous Aussie redhead who sucker punched us in a bar in Asia one night for no reason. Which is not bad stats over the years really.

So Media Whores thought we would push this message again to encourage good redheads to speak out. Speak out about all of these corrupt redheads we seem to see around………not least running the fkg government……..and especially the ones doing the gang stalking……

Nobody likes to be tared with the same brush as others of their group/ colour / creed etc who are misbehaving – this is called ‘racism’ – so good redheads should be encouraged to speak out about this stuff.

This is why Media Whores has never used words on our fairly outspoken blog, such as “Nigger” – which is quite obviously just the word  “Ginger” cleverly disguised……….and thus why all of those black rap artists say it all the time. They are not insulting themselves.

We were also big supporters of the “Hug a Ginger” campaign some years back and hugged many of the the female ones while drunk in bars.

But seriously – good redheads need to start saying enough is enough. Some of their ilk are behaving like a bloody lawless, dare we say ‘satanic’ mafia.

Gang stalking in NZ for one – can fk right off.

We even have some fairly red looking not so distant family members – so if all redheads are being set up to look bad or being  framed here – we want to help expose it.

Who recalls the redhead that we snapped down in Geraldine that showed up within minutes next to the cabin we had booked, dropped his young daughter off and then walked off leaving her there? What the fk was up with that? Some sort of very weird redhead gang stalking right there……

Then we had the Palmy Creep Catchers saga – with almost every one of the pedophiles snapped on camera being a redhead…….as well as others involved in the cover up. Palmy Creep Catcher is still on bail for exposing them, handed down by a redhead female Palmerston North judge would you believe…….Are the redheads protecting all their own pedophiles??

And the entire Facebook page closed down by Mark Zuckerberg’s company – another of these redheads…

And completely covered up by so called Jacinda Ardern and/or Peter Thiel – both redheads….as well as Martin Cocker of so called Netsafe…..who promotes Grinda gay sex dating App to children on his tax payer funded website……

Then the Pizza Gate scandal – again these redheads all over it…..not to mention our own Pizza companies here in NZ, not that that are necessarily involved……but much of the same symbolism…….

Then all of these corrupt Corporate Homosexual New World Order government type – redheads……….

Then the redheads staging the terrorism………

Redheads gang stalking the press in NZ and having their Facebook pages shut down…..

Redheads running the abortion agenda……..which is really sick……..

Redheads running the fake space programs and Nasa ball shit………

And now even weird redheads from overseas showing up and being handed some of our best land…..(just the first photo note, a few more popped up on search)

What the hell is going on?

Media Whores realises this does not look good for redheads in general and so we encourage all of the good redheads to speak out and make it clear that they do not condone gang stalking……… or the pedophilia and ongoing pedophilia cover ups.

And Media Whores – for one – will fully support you.

A terrible bloody situation for good redheads everywhere….

Maybe a Facebook page or something? Gingers Against Pedophilia and Gang Stalking?

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3 thoughts on “Redhead Gingers Against Pedophilia…..& Gang Stalking ! #TOS”

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    Cerebralprolapse says:

    Great work. Im a red head, but not like the ones that the Chinese left here in 1041.
    I research the andrenochrome connection to Depps rotting body, as is Hellery Cuntins.
    JpMoron controls the global silver market at $40 an ounce because that’s what is needed to oxidise adrenaline to adrenochrome. Aderns baby is to whitewash the 8 million kids that go missing each year on this bloody planet. USA loses 650k per year of which the foster network is handing over to the pedo elite. American kids are fucking fat as fuck for a reason. BMI equals more blood per body weight which equals more adrenaline to be able to move the fat fucks when they’re scared. Pretty simple to work out but even the missing kids stats site are in on it and you can tell by the ‘awareness’ pic blurred out on their facing site page. Elon musk builds the tunnels that moves the stolen kids around underground. Its already ww3. More kids are being stolen than men died in ww2. Movies like the maze runner etc. Royals are the tip of the spear. But they are hiding the real covern of real power. Google adrenoCHROME logo has 3 6s. Obvious as puke outside hallensteins on a Sunday morning. Bourdains instagram page, check out the spade brothers Instagram, joe dirt is a kid raping child killer as is ALL of Hollywood. Any Trump hater is a pedo. Michael jackson, im bad. Etc. Tom hanks twitter page, etc. The cake at the metgala. Right in everyone’s faces and ignorance is consenting to it.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      we have not mentioned the Chinese gang stalkers here also – disguised as tourists – snapping our pic and chasing us on the roads. real insect looking fkers.

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