Updates – Your Councils are Run by Corrupt Masonic / Brethren Snakes


Featured Image – Tony Kokshoorn, Grey District Mayor  in his masonic snake jewelry. 


This just in folks…..

Tony Kokshoorn (indeed) – who on your council is involved in the gang stalking of NZ citizens – tracking them where ever they go – then sending in diggers and trucks with council/ rate payer money – as close as they possibly can – to make noise and harass them?

Because this is illegal activity. Criminal.

This is not Soviet fkg Russia mate.

You run the Council – so you are responsible for this criminal/ illegal/ Stasi like activity.

So what is it that you and your masonic gang are upset about today – is it the exposure of the pedophile rings? Or the exposure of your Pike River cover up? Or the 1080 perhaps?

MW Saturn Day Night Horror – Pike River…..& the Gates of Hell

Filthy criminal snakes – running this country – and your local councils

Keep in mind they do this to you also – if you speak out about their crimes, child abuse or associated cover ups – they gang stalk you and harass you – it might be digging up the drains outside your home, even buying the property next to you to tear it down – putting street lights up directly outside your backyard or lounge, switching your power off etc. Until you get fed up and move on

Pedophile Nazi satanists running the show folks. Now is it Tony Kokshoorn ? Or Bernie Monk perhaps? Or just someone else on the council? Is it the Exclusive Brethren ? We doubt very much that Tony Kokshoorn actually has much say. Most of these mayors and MP’s etc are just compromised puppets who like playing dress up and do as they are told.

Who ordered the illegal / criminal Stasi gang stalking of the press- or those possibly involved with the press – with rate payers’ money today?

Fkg criminals.

This is apparently what these filthy Soviet like freaks sit there and do all day – spy on their citizens, towns and visitors  – and plot and conspire about how best to keep their power and jobs – probably between meth pipes.

Greymouth District Council Gang Stalking Event – in Full

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    Mike says:


    Departing Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias warns of ‘civic disorder’
    11 Aug, 2018 Dame Sian Elias delivering the Sir John Graham Lecture in Auckland.

    By: David Fisher Senior writer, NZ Herald… Beam me up Scotty….How Is this clown a “senior reporter”.

    The first Chief Justice of our Supreme Court has warned of “civic disorder” if New Zealand does not find a way of resolving the imbalance Maori and Pasifika suffer from in our justice system. It would help if Sian Elias’s husband Hugh Fletcher was put behind bars permanently, to reduce the massive sodomy of NZ Maori boys and girls, as a result of massive and long organised, by Maori, paedophile rings in NZ.
    “It’s not something we can continue to live with,” Dame Sian Elias said after being questioned over reports that 50 per cent of Maori and Pasifika had criminal records.
    “We are at risk of criminalising a distinct population. If that person (who asked the question) is accurate, we have a recipe for civic disorder.”
    The comments came following a speech to 200 people at Maxim Institute’s Sir John Graham lecture in central Auckland which Elias devoted to the importance of New Zealand’s fluid, piecemeal constitution.
    COMMENT…GET THIS…NEW ZEALAND DOES NOT HAVE A CONSTITUTION…ALMOST EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, INCLUDING OMMUNIST COUNTRIES HAVE A CONSTITUTION… here this lying, paedophile husband enabling perverted murderous Mossad enabling witch describes a constitution that does not exist. A CONSTITUTION WOULD BE “ROCK SOLID” …not FRAGILE like this disgusting and totally disgraceful witch bullsh*t is about.
    It was followed by a question and answer session, during which Elias was asked about the position of women in law.
    TOTALLY EVIL IS THE “CURRENT” POSITION OF ANYONE, INCLUDING WOMEN IN NZ LAW IF LOWELL GODDARD IS A GOOD CASE IN POINT…who was chosen by John Key and Chris Finlayson to train wreck the recent UK elite paedophile inquiry. She was probably sent to ring fence “certain” people, such as Prime Ministers and members of the Royal family, etc, but the English people became aware of her “sex complaint” coverups in New Zealand, made against people in authority, while in the “independent police complaints office” and they kept on her disgraceful and totally corrupt case.
    She said she was troubled that issues that confronted women when she went into law still existed, when she had hoped then her grandchildren would find gender imbalance laughable,
    “It is still not a laughing matter. I think, personally, it’s time for women to get really angry.
    “If they think they are not sufficiently valued, if they think they are not getting a fair crack, I think they should leave.”
    Elias said the legal profession captured staff with “unrealistic incomes” and women were better striking out on their own, even if it meant passing up the higher salaries, and forging their own path.
    DOES REALISTIC ALSO INCLUDE THE DETERMINATION TO TAKE A “TOTALLY CORRUPT”, A TOTALLY EVIL, A TOTALLY ILLEGAL, A TOTALLY CRIMINAL, NZ LEGAL SYSTEM, EMPOWERED BY THESE SO CALLED TOTALLY CORRUPT “WOMEN” AND THEN TRY TO TOTALLY REINVENT IT. This is most clearly explained by the USA intel 2011, from WikiLeaks, that describes New Zealand as not having a legal system other than an image “a mirage”, controlled by parochial interests. To enable a total tyranny, disguised as Government and non Government organisations, to be at work in New Zealand.
    “There are people out there who need help. There are really good careers out there to be made. If women are not enjoying the lives they are doing out there, they should regroup and do it themselves.”
    Elias said women had not learned the lessons of the suffragettes, who won the right to vote. She said the women who did that did not do so to allow benefits for affluent women.
    Instead, she said, they wanted to change the world.
    “It’s time for women to be ambitious enough to change the world they are in.”
    TRY CHANGING NZ LAW, INTO SOMETHING ACTUALLY LEGAL AND NOT TOTALLY CRIMINAL. DESIGNED TO EMPOWER AND GROW A PAEDOPHILE OCCULT MAFIA’S REALITY. The words of Gregg Hallett in his sworn Court evidence 2008, that was seized and triple sealed from public sight by the Auckland Court comes to mind, that the NZ Judiciary is “an Occult Mafia (criminal organisation)”, as are “the NZ Police”, an Occult Mafia (criminal organisation), as is the NZ Government, an Occult Mafia (criminal organisation. Which in sum, “are a paedophile ring fronting as a country”.
    Elias earlier spoke of New Zealand’s “dynamic constitution” built from “a collection of fragments of old statutes and modern ones … and case law”.
    “It is fragile. It is not well-known. It is like a cats-cradle. It is easy to move a strand here and not realise the damage done there.
    “It requires constant vigilance by everyone. If it is the preserve of only lawyers and judges,……… it is vulnerable…..(what a thing for a lying paedo satanist witch to say)
    NZ SHOULD HAVE ITS LAW COURTS UNDER FULL TIME INTERNATIONAL SCRUTINY. Like Romania does. The Privvy Council determined that at least 1500 NZers had their legal rights to a fair trial betrayed by the NZ Court of Appeal. Instead of sacking and making financial redress by these “totally corrupt” Judges they were given salary raises and appointed to the Supreme Court. HOW TOTALLY SICK…..IS THAT?
    More recently it was established circa 2016 that several thousand New Zealanders had their release dates messed with. (Obviously this was done to increase prisoner numbers to get the authority to build new prisons). Numerous complaints were made to remedy this but even the Ombudsman and the Inspector of Prisons, the entire staff of the Criminal Justice system, kept covering it up. What is worse is that this was very, very simple law, and it was also covered up by (1) The High Court and (2) The Court of Appeal. The matter was pursued to the Supreme Court and then it was corrected.
    THE CONSTITUTION IN NZ IS VULNERABLE, as she describes it, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST….therefore anything can be done “TO DISPENSE WITH LAW””TO GET RID OF LAW”, disguised by the “fragile” elements of case law and the suchlike. The fact IS TOTALLY CLEAR THAT NZ JUDICIARY IS AN OCCULT MAFIA, a totally criminal organistion.
    The more recent 2018, increase in prisoner numbers, with claims of needing more prisons, is obviously another false mask, to cover up, and make look good, the past numbers that the NZ occult mafia Judiciary criminally previously deliberately manipulated, to get the funding required for their political counterparts. And covered up as a massive criminal organisation, all the way to and including the Court of Appeal. TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT. A total criminal tyranny disguised as a country, that is totally totally incapable of self Government. JUST A A CRIMINAL MAFIA.
    SHE CARRIES ON WITH THE BULLSH*T….”Unless we are prepared to work harder at maintaining our dynamic constitution, (THE ONE THAT DOES NOT EXIST)…one of the big questions that will have to be faced in the years ahead is whether the risks of imperceptible erosion will drive us to adopt what my Australia “PAEDOPHILE” friends like to speak of as a “Capital C” constitution.”
    What on earth is a small “c” constitution. This totally disgusting woman Sian Elias is nothing but a psychopathic pathological liar. In serious need of permanent psychiatric, institutionalised, care.
    Elias is due to stand down in March next year, having reached the compulsory retirement age of 70 for judges.
    SHE SHOULD BE HUNG…AND SO SHOULD THE REST OF THEM…and bulldozed off a cliff, en masse and into the sea. These parasites are not wanted here and never will be.
    “The government is only at the early stages of choosing a replacement. The Attorney General has been briefed on the process, which sees the Prime Minister making the final decision”. THE PRIME MINISTER GETS TOLD WHAT TO DO.
    Elias rose to the Supreme Court when it was formed in 2004, having been appointed Chief Justice in 1999. VIA HELEN CLARK AND JENNY SHIPLEY DOING A DEAL.
    Elias’ legal career enjoyed a solid foundation and rapid ascent. She was admitted to the Bar in 1970 after studying law at the University of Auckland. Further study in the United States led to practise as a lawyer in Auckland in 1972.
    She served as a law commissioner from 1986 to 1990, was one of the first two women appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1988 (the other being former Governor General Dame Silvia Cartwright) and a judge of the High Court in 1995.
    Elias is married to Hugh Fletcher, former CEO of Fletcher Challenge and former University of Auckland chancellor.
    A NOTORIOUS PEDOPHILE WITH A PREDISPOSITION TO SODOMIZING YOUNG MAORI BOYS, to help criminalise Maoris no doubt, to empower the paedophile violence levels…by stealing their souls (according to Ani Black widow of the paedophile Awanui Black)…WHILE IN A NAZI UNIFORM…Maori boys who are fed to him by other Maoris (to empower the power of satanic ritual abuse by Nazi’s, in NZ), and their very well established and Government organised paedophile rings. Who appointed Helen Clarks paedophile pretend husband to Auckland University, where he was the head of the Auckland University Homosexual club.
    SO THAT IS AN INITIAL INTRODUCTION TO A MORE EDUCATED ANALYSIS OF THIS PIECE OF NZ HERALD JOURNALISTIC PROPAGANDA AND FETID GARBAGE fit for only the sewer rats that infest his appalling rotten little mind, , by Senior Reporter David Fisher for the NZ Herald.

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