All World Leaders & Top Entertainers – are Redheads



All World leaders – across the West at least – are redheads – dating right back through the past 2000 years – including the Kings and Queens of old.

Including the leaders of both sides of every major conflict.

Doesn’t seem very ‘democratic’ now does it?

As well as ALL of your favorite entertainers – they must have the mark to succeed. Or to buy and sell, perhaps better put.Not based on talent, but based on the amount of funding you get for music copy writers, production, sound/lighting, make up, fashion and tours.

But also worth noting – how this video has suddenly shown up today in the Trample on Snakes 6 playlist and we have never seen it before. Also how the “Origin of the Name Jews” video we posted yesterday has now been removed/ disappeared at the same time.

So the release of this information is certainly being scripted….from you know where.

Google also doing its bit by promoting similar sort of stuff up the top of searches such as  “Redhead Satan”

Not that that discounts the reality – redheads rule the Western World – and have done for ions – with fake masonic science ….and never ending taxes, laws………and bullshit…….

So all is being revealed – as promised – but the big question we have is – do we all have to agree to be microchiped and use Bitcoin once this part of the script is over?

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