Christchurch Gang Stalking Event – Snakes in a Pit – #TheyLive #TOS



Media Whores has been sent another gang stalking event to publish.

Here is the message we received with it:

“Hey bro – get this published will you. Its another good tutorial for others to learn from. This is happening to all of us involved in your website now. I’m now a bloody expert at it. Can predict the shit. Post the video first, then add all of the attached screen shots beneath it. It shows clearly the difference between what looks like a normal scene – and then a closer examination which shows how almost every one of these snakes looks directly at us. Not at anyone else – at us. The square was empty and within minutes they started swarming in, like blood sucking mosquitoes on heat. You can tell from the Sun that it is only a short time. They track us via some cell phone App. The first two that show up were shape shifters – see images below. And check out how many are redheads again – almost all of them.. The bit at the end is of that drive out of Town we mentioned the other day – two more redheads were following behind us – the lights went red as they tried to pass on the inside lane – the GoPro didn’t catch them well but they both froze like snakes in a chiller-  tongues a poppin’ as you say 🙂 Cheers #TOS”

Now go back over slowly and see if you can find these shots folks – more than meets they eye aye? Thye all swarm in within 20 or so minutes – and almost every single one of them looks directly at the guy. WTF? Even a couple of shape shifters – the first ones to show up. Maybe try it yourself one day. They Live – and they are now all around us.




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