The King James Virgin…..Defender of the Faint #TOS


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Ever notice how they put “King James” on the book that teaches you not to have any other Gods, nor false idols? And also teaches you to let your word be your word.

Nobody is ‘saved’ just by studying – or necessarily even adhering to – the Law. The Bible says so itself –  Romans 9:30

ie) those who spend their time looking up at the stars could well fare better than those bending over studying the words.

King ‘James’/ Jacob/ Jack was probably another transgender redhead – and does not stand between you and your sense of Creation…whatever that may be.

No book does. Nor computer.

You are all born as a ‘King James’.

. Could give a little credit to Jungle Surfer on that one also

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2 thoughts on “The King James Virgin…..Defender of the Faint #TOS”

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    Cerebralprolapse says:

    Thats because the entire 3rd dimension is an Archonic thought lie. To be*lie*ve is to lie.
    To think is to lie.
    Wisdom is the opposite of belief, knowing is the opposite of knowledge.
    These entities want us to accept the fear of death as our reality, trapping us here by our senses, feelings and sensations.
    This is not who we are and these Archons are playing boths sides. Rothschild’s=Thors child.
    All thoughts are lies. Reject EVERYTHING.
    HUMANITY 666
    COMPUTER 666
    NEW YORK 666
    KING HARRY 666
    KING HENRY 666

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