Transvestigations – Can the Exclusive Brethren be $aved?


Featured Image – a shape shifting Exclusive Brethren from the video below.


Media Whores and those associated with Media Whores have been gang stalked by some sort of demonic fruitloops since we started this ‘blog’.

Some pretty good evidence was provided yesterday. Excellent evidence really – with a local council deploying what could be equated to armored tanks in an effort to shut down the press and any discussion about their quite obvious Pike River Mine false flag operation – the means by which they terrorize their own rate payers and community so as to best dictate policy.

It has become clear from various discussions today that the so called Exclusive Brethren could well be involved to at least some degree in this gang stalking activity.

The obvious question we would have is why?

Here we are doing our absolute best to try and clarify scripture and promote the living word to Kiwis – and there is suggestion we are being thanked by having creepy Exclusive Brethren and their agents stalking us?

Seems very unfair if so.

Perhaps it could be our interpretation of scripture that is upsetting them?

We have certainly well covered the flat Earth quotes in the Bible and explained that anyone pretending to be a Christian who hasn’t figured that out is clearly a deceiver – if not an outright Satanist.

60 Bible Verses Describing A Flat Earth Inside A Dome

Or perhaps our quotes about blood, diet and not killing animals ? Once again, only deliberately fake or very brainwashed Christians would not have figured out the Bible is a vegetarian book – as are all of the religions

Or could it be our work exposing these shape shifting transgender demons perhaps?

Obviously that would only upset you if you were one.

Holy shit.

Could that be it?

Media Whores has not met many Exclusive Brethren. We say not many because we have actually met a couple over the years but nothing really stood out. Although one did look a bit like Dracula and kind of showed up out of nowhere just in time – much like most of our gang stalkers do.

So we did a little research today with the internet – and here is what we came up with – a couple of Brethren videos from overseas and sure enough they all seem to be trannies and/ or shape shifters……highly scripted, practiced and nervous, talking absolute garbage about their be-lie-fs. You are supposed to KNOW God you clowns – not be-lie-ve in him. You either know it or you don’t – beliefs are for idiots. All your be-liefs be-lies.

These deceivers below know that already of course – it is the masses they seek to deceive.

We have also heard they like to use the phrase for non Brethren “they are of the World”. Well presumably that means human beings. The more important question being, where exactly are you guys from?

Others have suggested they do a very good job in running things, such as their companies, many of which carry out civil construction, which is nice – but normal human beings are quite capable of running things also., and perhaps with a little less monopoly.

Money worship seems to be another common theme – which is certainly anti-Christ.

Then there was the story about the Exclusive Brethren member in Dargaville who crashed his car when drunk one night, killing his wife and child, then allegedly put his dead wife in the drivers seat and ran off. If that ain’t pure evil – don’t know what is…….

Now we should stress here that these fruitloop tranny shape shifters in the videos below are not necessarily indicative of the Brethren here in NZ – only those who know them could make comment on that.  Do they appear to shape shift like demons from Saturn/ the fourth dimension? Very awkward sudden sort of movements, like they are programmed? Do they look like over sized trannies? Do they have a habit of showing up out of nowhere just in the nik of time, like demons from the fourth dimension? Lots of fashion and make up – possibly to disguise their true identity?  Trample on Snakes and others have suggested in some videos that some even use some sort of modern technology to keep their human form. Do they have a reputation for child abuse?

Once again we stress that these images and videos below do not necessarily reflect Brethren here in NZ – but you will know them by their deeds.

We would like to know if license plate number JJH839 belongs to a Brethren company for one. As that would mean they are involved in the gang stalking of the press in NZ – which is highly illegal and criminal behavior. As is sending out rate payer funded diggers and trucks to harass citizens. Lawless mafia type tactics.

All will be revealed – surely the Brethren have read that bit.

And can they be saved? Well presumably not by misquoting their Bibles and/or transgendering their children, surely.

Romans 9:30

Check it out – the boys are girls and the girls are the boys……meet the No Adams Apple Families…..the Brethren Transgender Movement – worship of the Androgynous God…..


(Is that Youtube link working – copy and paste to see the couple above) 

Very creepy……

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