In Bloom – the Entities are being ‘Activated’ via the Medications #TOS


Featured Image – telling you under no uncertain terms, exactly what they plan to do – open up the Pit . Lost the link – the Poop is invited to add it below. 


Now that’s a headline

And no exaggeration.

Here is what is going to happen / is happening.

The ‘entities’ are already here – in every town.

You see them each day but have been slowly brainwashed via the media and under the veil of political correctness to think they are somehow normal.

The Synagogue of Saturn are now ‘activating’ them, via the medications, meth, vaccines and those chemicals in the food. They have different DNA to us.

Playing out their Biblical / Saturnian end times prophecy, to please their Lord. Or summons him more like it.

And well documented in Revelations of course. The script being played out…….over and over.

What you will start to see is more and more weird looking non-human types around you. Anyone still awake and breathing would have already noticed. And their behavior will start to become more and more openly demonic.

We are well into it already. We are all reading the stories in the crime section of our papers each day – but you see them all over now. One obvious one is these little punk ass demons in their noisy souped up cars, driving around killing things. Take a close look at them these days, covered in tats, holes in their ears, and mostly the shape shifter ant farm types. Also the older ones who are into the pedo stuff and also on the meth.

The Government and Court system – which is run by the Synagogue of Saturn – is protecting these demons, giving them all bail and making sure they are put back out into our communities, to further terrorise.

And apparently all just a prelude to the arrival of their God- Apollo – from the Pit.

No further comment yet from Joel McManAnus…..


“….for when these entities finally make their big appearance…..” – listen carefully





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