The Redhead Fake Jews are the Synagogue of Satan


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Not sure how much evidence people need.

The fake Jew redheads are the Synagogue of Satan.

Now “scattered around the World”

Posing as God and religion…and now Science……..while all on meat diets. Liars and deceivers.

Child abuse scandal after child abuse scandal – covered up. Old Testament blood and child sacrifice – to Satan/ Saturn.

Can’t say for sure if it is all redheads, would certainly like to think not, but certainly these false teachers, prophets and deceiver types below. Ask one if they know the Earth is flat – if they hiss like a snake, then you got yourself one right there in front of you.

Running the Government, the media, big business, the abortion agenda, the blood donation companies, the meth, the toxic food companies….and on and on. Even the satanic entertainment industry. And staging all of the terrorism.

Targeting your heart with some sort of deceptive ball shit – so they can leach off your energy – and blood.

666 is their sign – the Mark of the Beast…..The so called Red Dragon.


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