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Well, it’s been another redhead sort of a day folks.

Just reporting on where the Matrix takes us. And this redhead thing is the topic of the ‘day’……actually quite far back when we stop and think about it.

How’s this for a start – driving down a long stretch of country road in the morning, one of our main highways, and see a guy running full tit along it. As we get closer we realize he is actually carrying a rifle. Maybe a 22. Has two terrier type dogs with him and looks like he is running towards a late model 4wd utility parked on the side of the road. A main highway this is. First time we have ever seen anyone on a main highway with a rifle or gun. As we get closer he just stops sprinting and collapses in a heap on the side grass as we pass him. He was sort of trying to shuffle the rifle under the grass with one hand and looked up at the sky, kind of like sobbing.

Drove on around the next bend and there was another car parked up in a rest area – again, another redhead standing next to it.

Hopefully it wasn’t some kind of staged event gone wrong……

As we said previously – we usually find redheads very polite and helpful – and we would probably be very short on mechanics if it weren’t for the redheads. But it is the redheads who keep popping up….so happy to report on it.

Then another hour down the road – a car accident. An overturned car sitting sideways on this main highway – around 10 other cars stopped around the sides of the road to help. We drove past slowly and turned to the left to look – lo and behold – another redhead sitting there, her legs covered in blood, with some people helping her. Our heart goes out to her of course, but can’t understand how her green car ended up upside down and facing the wrong way at that location. Nor how she would have gotten out in one piece still. It was a fairly low speed sort of area so she must have been driving fairly dangerously as a guess.

Another 10 minutes down the road and the ambulance came screaming along in the opposite direction – lights flashing. Good on them we thought – heroes to save the day. Looked in the drivers window as they past…..and you guessed it…another redhead.

Can’t make this shit up.

So Media Whores was treated to the full spectrum of heartfelt reactions and responses even before lunch time today – the mad psycho killer looking dude on the side of the road, then the poor car accident victim, then the heroic ambulance driver. And all redheads.

Could it just be the matrix serving up whatever you look for?? Or post about? Wouldn’t rule it out.

Then a redhead served us at the store we eventually got to – and on it went. An entire day of redheads, one of them asking us where we were ‘headed’.  “Ask the redheads” we replied.

Add to that the story we did the other day – with all of those redheads suddenly showing up in the ChCh square, apparently gang stalking the guy who filmed it and who is involved with this website…….

Christchurch Gang Stalking Event – Snakes in a Pit – #TheyLive #TOS

Here is something to keep an eye on – look out for how many of your local Churches and even Funeral Directors and Morgues are run by redheads. We have popped into a number of Christian churches around the Country on our travels, and every single one of them had a redhead preacher. Take a look at the MP’s, councilors and judges in your town also. Is it not an abnormally large number of redheads that seem to run everything these days?

Media Whores has been quite committed in blaming the Jews over the past months – but if you look with your own eyes – the redheads play a major role.

Could the redheads be the Synagogue of Saturn? The Undertakers of our societies? Those who salvage souls? While pretending to be trying to save them. Save/ Salvage…..with that big eL in the middle. Saturn. Very clever those Phoenicians.

And if so, is it all redheads, or just some of them perhaps? Only a certain bloodline of redheads maybe?

In fact at this stage of the game we wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn most of these redheads that show up are actually shape shifting Jews, pretending to be redheads. Or is it shape shifting redheads? Nothing would/ will surprise us.

The other obvious question we have is – where exactly did all of these redheads suddenly come from? We recall when growing up there was only the odd redhead here and there – now it seems they are everywhere….almost as many as white people, if not more. And how have those stats never been reported on or mentioned? Unsure how the genetics works, is it a dominant gene? But doubt even that math would add up if you looked at birth rates. Perhaps something to do with the mass immigration of late? Do we have a special redhead visa process for new arrivals maybe? Others may know.

Oh yeah and in other news – watch out for the tongues!! The big fella upstairs is showing you signs……..the Tongues are a Poppn’…….

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