Hey Trample on Snakes 6 – Behind Saturn…..is Sirius – the Black Sun Snake People


Featured Image – that giant snake in the sky you see each night – eating it’s own tail. What we experience as ‘Time’ – governed by Saturn, but ruled by Sirius – the Black / night time Sun. 


Hey TOS.

Stunning work bro.

And very much appreciated.

Your comments about the ‘spirit’ within have helped us along in the past few months – helps you realize that no matter what goes on, you just follow your instincts. This is how us human beings pay tribute to God like you say, and it is the only way.

Keep in mind that very same advice is also in the ‘Books’ – “the secret of the ages, the Christ in You”. Not outside of you. Something we have quoted often and also well covered by Bonacci.

Now we know you have been following this website mate – because when we started posting your Pizza Planet video a few months back, you changed that video to your lead one for a while. And thanks/ well done. That is a fkg classic.

But we think there is something you have kind of missed, or at least not gone far enough on.

And that is Sirius.

Sirius is the so called Black Sun – Bonacci has described it as our Sister Sun. Our Sun and Sirius are in a binary, they orbit each other. Look at the words…..Sirius is Sister is ISIS.

This is where all of your “woman” stuff comes from. ISIS Goddess worship. All the way through our history and culture also – the Statue of Liberty being one obvious example. Rihanna being another – the Black Sister with her lizard tongue/ DNA, as you have well exposed.

So bro – these snakes we are ordered / ordained to trample on – they come from Sirius. Not Saturn. Saturn serves Sirius. Saturn governs Time – birth and death – Generation, Operation and Destruction. GOD. Saturn is the God of this World, the Lord, eL – the world of electrical effects / eL/ electricity. “This is what the world is for – making electricity”…..not our God mind…and not our Creator.

Western civilization – and indeed every civilization on this plane –  serves/ and is enslaved to the Assyrian / ISIS elites – they were the Phoenician elites, the Babylonian elites, the Assyrian elites, the Turkish elites, and indeed the Roman elites. They still rule to this day. They are the shape shifting snakes – of Sirius, not Saturn. The Saturnians serve that ‘big black bitch’ in the sky – Sirius. In fact let’s be consistent here with our use of language – the Saturnians serve that ‘big black cunt’ in the sky, but most are far too thick and brainwashed / poisoned to ever figure it out. This is your Roman Catholics and ISIS Lamb and Synagouge of Saturn – they all serve the Black Sun Queen – who ever that it. It is feminine. The Egyptian queen so to speak. The story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. King Solomon and his exploits. The fall of King David perhaps also. All of them deceived by the snake in the garden – Sirius – the black queen/ or king perhaps – then persuaded to partake in the blood sacrifice rituals of the snake / lizard people – and thus the fall of man out of the Garden of Eden. Another obvious example is the worship of the tranny Persian Kadashians in the USA and around the World. There were no slaughter houses in the Garden of Eden. And Jesus never went pig hunting – or stuck his hand up a cow’s cunt so he could make milk to drink.

Maybe a quick political correctness disclaimer here – Media Whores has not been too prejudice over the years between black cunt, or white cunt….or even a little bit of Asian cunt., as all of the Sayanim and Redhead spies will well know – so do not rush to judgment with your nasty hurtful words please. And only ever females we might add – no doubt the homo snakes have made up as many stories as they can about us over the years….as well as gang stalking us. Snakes like Ass – presumably why their tongues keep popping out of their mouths.

TOS – one of your best pieces shows that scene with the redhead / House of David German reporter working with the shape shifting Assyrian refugee in “The Refugees are the Entities” – that sums up the entire story. But it falls short in calling them just “entities” – they are Assyrian snakes – the children of Sirius, not Saturn.

And this is where the Santos Bonacci work comes in – if you do not study that stuff, you will never get the full picture. It is the Library of Alexandria – open again – for all to see – and thanks to whomever is making sure all of this information flows – which may even turn out to be the true Biblical Jews by the time this is all done…..and all is revealed. Mankind’s knowledge of the stars – the language of the Creator – the Astrologos – which dates back 500,000 years. Not 2000 fkg years.

Quick mention to the dude in Hamner Springs who knew who we were and made the effort to try and share that info. No doubt still reading. “The dark force behind it all”.

The other thing you will learn if you study the Santos Stuff – the full story – the language of ‘God’ – is that our God is Jupiter – not Saturn. This is the true non corporatised Christian religion, as opposed to the Synagogue of Saturn / Sirius religion who all worship Saturn and his/her black Sun master…….via Free Masonry…and also disguised as ‘Exclusive Brethren’….half truth/ half ass Assyrian/ Androgynous/ homosexual snakes.

Bonacci may well be one of them for all we know – or care – but the West has been conquered due to a lack of knowledge – and nothing else – by choosing to eat sugar, drink too much booze and eat dead animals – all of which dumbed us down and made us sitting ducks. Just as it did to Maori. We have never actually been invaded – but are now completely on our knees. It was done with sugar – and dairy farming – not conquering armies. A lack of knowledge about how our own bodies work. So only the fools ignore the knowledge.

And once everyone comes to terms with who all of these major players are – we can presumably all stop arguing over it.


Its Sirius – the Black Sun – the feminine ISIS Goddess – who rules over the Synagogue of Saturn – these fkwit / Satanic halfbreed redheads who carry out all of her dirty work for her across the Western World – under the guise of “Jesus”……the hijacking of Jupiter. Working ‘at night’ / over drinks and meth pipes at dinner parties………against their fellow man.

But both Sirius and the Sun – both serve the Creator at the end of the day…….everything eventually goes back to Good/ ‘God’.

#TOS has missed most of that – ‘cos hasn’t studied his Bonacci – Plato  – Library of Alexandria 😉

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

Electric Eels / eL- nobody says it better than the snakes themselves…….”This is what the World is for – making electricity” – another snake half truth – we are here to honor the Creator – which is both magnetism and electricity. Not to honor electricity/ eL/ eels/ snakes.

You can do your own research on the Sirius and Saturn connection – just found these quickly…….



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