Breaking – New Zealand Republic to Ban All Satan Worshiping German Nazi Tourists/ Terrorists


Featured Image – the little redhead German demon worshiping the ‘black cube’ box of Nazi Lager  – I’m going to get drunk, while the guy holds up a dildo Quite deliberate – they make the dildo reference throughout the promo video…see images below. – and check out the devils horns they start flashing a few minutes later while off their faces, possibly spiking the drinks with vales of andrenochrome they have smuggled across the border, hidden in their IPad chargers – and telling you what they are….demons.  Also the standard shape shifting. 


Took a closer look at that Jucy promo video folks

Not because we have nothing better to do – but because we would quite like to help Kiwis wake up and keep each other safe from these Nazi/ Zionist / Satan worshiping demons.

Check it out – only did the first few minutes – you could pause and check the rest if you wanted. Youtube have now stopped letting us leave a video on pause and just click through it – lol – to make it harder to spot and screen print the shape shifting of these demons.

New Zealand needs to ban these sick Nazi fuckers from coming here – the summer time now is over run with these demonic Krouts. Just crawling with Nazi snakes. Got stuck on a ferry crossing with about 300 of the fkers last summer – me and one other Kiwi tried to hide in the corridor the entire journey. They are like physic vampires or some shit. Tracking you around with their smart phones. God only knows what sort of technology they have on the things – cos they run it…..along with Israel, Hitlers NWO wet dream come true.

Also recall meeting the first Nazi tourists in a backpackers in Auckland many years ago just after returning from overseas – a girl and a guy – at least we think it was – the girl made awkward small talk while the guy just sat there eying us like a snake – almost as if he was worried he was about to get caught out. Should have known back then what they were….snakes.

The older ones in their luxury Nazi campers are by far the creepiest – some of them probably hundreds of years old. Straight out of some sort of new age liberal Transylvanian horror flick…

Most Kiwis we speak to are sick of these Nazi fkers crawling around the Country each year – 10’s of thousands of them. They own the corporate NWO, so all of these spoiled little demonic Nazi satanist brats just go from summer to summer now – with all the latest liberal fashions, and gadgets. Its sickening.

Fk off Nazis – no one likes you…..nor have they ever.

Watch carefully – how well they hide it……

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