Censorship – Proof Youtube Censor Some Views by 1/17,000+



Check it out – that article last night exposing NZ’s filthy demonic calve kidnapping dairy farmers has reached over 400,000 people in just 9 hours. As we have previously explained, the spies seem to have gotten on top of that view counter plug in now also, as hosting raw data would suggest our views are 100+ times that amount also. Media Whores is possibly one of the most read websites in the World. The internet was always designed to be a tool for control over the Goy.

But check this out – only 24 views showing on the Youtube counter – astounding. That is the level of censorship by these corrupt corporates……Other tricks they use are hiding all comments and likes, except your own. This video has gone mega viral overseas overnight – and the pedophile ring spies sit there watching and controlling all of it – like a pedophile ring.

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