The House of David Redheads are all Nazi/ Zionist Germans


Its a Germanic blood line…this redhead House of David.

Half breed Nephalim lizard/ snakes. The ones who bred with the Phoenicians

Almost every last whore we have covered – Germanic bloodline


Germs among man kind.

With their fake science and never ending bullshit…..and pedophile rings.

The fake Jews.

A bunch of demonic Satan worshiping serial kiddie fiddlers.

Cold blooded lizards.

Their new world order now firmly in place.

Who can no longer even keep their tongues in their mouths.

Watch for the tongues folks. Thats a snake. There to deceive you.

And now permanently on tour, around the World….with all of the latest gay-dgets………looking for dead animals to eat, and children to meet….

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