eL Saturn – the God of the Fake Jews/ Phoenicians…Christianity & Islam Inc – Take 2


Just noticed the top video on that last post has been removed – and now we can’t open it to edit lol

Dear oh dear. They never give up. God only knows how many spies we have on our ass these days.

And every snake in 50 miles swooping in / by for a look. Cunts just can’t help themselves. Like mosquitoes to red meat. perhaps quite literally.

Have confirmed the clutch was blown on the vehicle also. And no one is interested in fixing it it seems. The Chinese whispers of the Synagogue of Satan. They are like children with their fibs.  And the redhead Phoenician overlords swooping around watching them – usually in corporate sign written utility vehicles ….probably threatening to ‘burn’ them if they do not comply with orders….or is it just pay them off? One or the other or both. ‘Burn’ means cut off btw.

Here it is below – but should be viewed in conjunction with the ones on the last post also. To concentrate only on the bad stuff is ignorant and offers no real solution. #TOS for example has not even figured out that he lives on a rather flatish Earth. As do all of us.

It is Saturn folks – both good and bad. The bad is really bad…….and it is NOT the Creator. Nor is Allah….another name for Saturn.  It is their stupidity that will get these people in the end. Not least due to their diets.

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