Grant England – GE Construction Christchurch – Child Sex Offender


Featured Image – GE Construction of Christchurch, owned and run by another of these secret child sex offenders – Grant England.

Citizens of the new Republic are being encouraged to make a list of any niggas who have done them harm under the old / now defunct corporate / Crown system and present them to the new Republic with a view to seeking reparations and/or making amends. There has been no justice for people under the old system – with a legal system run by pedophiles for pedophiles – what they give you instead is never ending tax payer funded corrupt court hearings and resulting ‘inquiries’.

Media Whores is going to start with this nigga today.

Well, we started long ago to be fair, as have others, but today this nigga’s number is up.

Grant England of GE Construction Christchurch – you owe an apology for trying to get your younger step brother/s (at least one of them) to feel you up when on holidays as kids. You were post puberty at the time and your step brothers were not.

This is refereed to as child sex abuse and makes you a child sex abuser.

In the new Republic a pedophile is not defined by age, but by whether or not one of the parties was post puberty while the other was not.

This makes you a pedophile in the new Republic.

This makes you a homosexual pedophile to be more precise.

Grant England of GE Construction is a pedophile. Or at least was a pedophile, and thus owes an apology and/or reparation. In this case an apology will most likely be acceptable.

To make things worse however – when this fact was shared with other people in the family – you made the decision to lie about it and deny it, instead threatening lawyers and calling people crazy.

This is the worst type of pedophile. What we will categorize in the new Republic as a violent Pedophile as they persist with their violence and harm to others even after being exposed.

Grant England of GE Construction is/or at least was, a violent pedophile.

Indeed he continues to try and ‘kill’ his victims and their names by lying about his past and trying to cover it up.

The opportunity was provided to make amends and apologize but instead the pedophile decided to further lie, deceive and hide it. Thus this case is now being made very public….in the interests of the safety of the public.

Then we have the case of your other step brother on the other side of your family – Timmy / Timothy – who committed suicide at age 15 or 16. This was later blamed on his scout master who was holding parties for kids with drugs and alcohol and sexually abusing them.

Our question is – did you sexually abuse Timmy also? Given you have lied and tried to cover up the sexual abuse of your other step brother/s as well.

In fact how does one rule out that it was not actually you that were in at least some part responsible for the suicide of your other step brother? Not least given your continued dishonesty around the issue/s.

Is it possible that Timmy was also sexually abused by yourself and or your older brother – and that when he tried to speak out about it he was called names and threatened as well?

If that were the case – this would also make you guilty of man slaughter – a killer. In the new Republic not run by pedophiles at least.

Then we have the question of why in fact you become a pedophile to begin with. Were you also sexually abused as a child – as is so often the case. And if so, by who. Where does the mental mandate for such behavior come from? How does one even begin to think it is acceptable behavior?

We would note that your brother Mark England was also involved in the exact same behavior as you on those camping trips – but to a lesser degree. Were you both sexually abused as children?

The sexual abuse of children is not covered up in the new Republic you will be glad to know – which should serve to eventually end the cycle – but the obvious question for now is how can it be ruled out that you are not still a homosexual pedophile, posing as a straight married man with your own children? And indeed, are your own children, or even the children of those around you safe from this same cycle of child sex abuse.

We also note that you then went on to manage a bar with/for Justin Marshall in Christchurch and used to skite about your drunken sexual exploits at that bar, even skiting about your awarded nickname “Chopper”. Below are some photos of Justin Marshall showing the snakes eyes, teeth and tongue that we have covered very well on this site……

We do not have access to any photos of you – but the obvious question we have is do you also suffer from this snakes tongue condition we are witnessing in so many of these inbred snakes these days – or perhaps even those snakes eyes – and could this perhaps be suggestive of the pedophilia problem that seems to plague so many of these snakes, not least your own?

We would also point out that you had a fairly redheaded/ginger father – Robin England – who also owes his step children an apology for exposing them to his pedophile children, as well as his pedophile best friend Peter May.

While we do not have any evidence that Peter May sexually abused anybody in our family, we do know that his son Mark May was a pedophile who did have a crack at someone related to us in those early days, and given what we know now about the drugs these sorts of pedophiles have access to these days, its anyone’s guess really.

This step parent new age bullshit will not be encouraged in the new Republic – the entire concept was invented by pedophiles for pedophiles to begin with.

And what is up with this redhead bloodline and their relentless intergenerational pedophilia?

The important thing for now however – is to get as much of this information on public record as possible – to both help educate and warn others about you pedophiles and how you operate in our communities and indeed families, and how you then collude together to try and cover up all of your pedophilia, at the expense of your victims.

It is also interesting to note that you went on to make a lot of money working with Hugh Fletcher’s Fletcher Construction after the quakes – Hugh Fletcher being a well known alleged homosexual / bisexual serial pedophile himself who has apparently favored those of the same ilk.

The NZ public are hereby warned that Grant England of GE Construction was a kiddie fiddler in his youth – and has since sort to try and hide that fact – doing further harm to his victims in the process. It therefore cannot be ruled out that he was in some way involved with the sexual abuse and/or suicide of his step brother ‘Timmy’ on the other side of the family  – and given his dishonesty about it all – still remains a very dangerous sort of sex offender in our view. Until these perverts can be honest with themselves – they remain a danger to society.

Media Whores encourages other victims of these snakes to start documenting such events and harm, to be presented to the new pedophile satanist free Republic in due course.






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