How to Spot the Redhead Demon Sayanim in Your Community


Featured Image – Joshua Young from the Waikato – one of our gang stalkers. With his Assyrian/ Phoenician leader. 


“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” – Benjamin Disraeli

Through trial and error – Media Whores has come to learn for ourselves that these redhead House of David/ Saturn Sayanim spies are the ones that run our communities.

They are the Nazis of old – now calling themselves Zionists and they are under a curse from the Creator for their relentless killing and /or involvement in child abuse….some of those involved in the Palmy Creep Catchers cover up and Justin Davis Files below…….

They are using some kind of spy App on their phones – possibly Pokemon Go and/or just plain old text messaging and Facebook messaging to coordinate their gang stalking, meth and drug dealing and child abuse cover ups.

They have indeed never had so much power and there now appears to be a ‘swarm’ of these demons racing around trying to have sex with everything, kill animals, make money and get high.

This is refereed to in the Bible as “the last days”.

Obviously the red hair is a giveaway – but one other thing we have also noticed is the snakes tongues. These snakes can no longer keep their tongues in their mouths as their lust for money, blood and ass intensifies – and this is a sign from the Creator to help guide the living through this time. This is also where the saying “It is rude to poke your tongue out” comes from – we have been through all of this before.

Above these redhead Satan worshipers are the shape shifting Assyrian / Phoenician / fake Jew types – they are more like androgynous looking snakes, usually of a darker hair and with pale sort of snake like skin, and often half blind. They love those new age black rimmed reading glasses. It is actually these fake Jews/ Assyrians that are running the show – using their redhead soldiers to play off Christians and Muslims via the fake war of terror – as they invade and take over all of our Nations. They are the snakes that run Freemasonry as well as the half ass / half truth religions underneath Freemasonry. Behind Freemasonry is simply Middle Eastern Kabbalah – or worship of the black cube…..

Media Whores has snapped a couple of good photos of them in past months – and there are many other good examples we have collected……..

They are the fake Jew / Masonic types running the show – and underneath them are these House of David redhead types – as pictured below – and depending on the level of inbreeding, the tongue problem varies…….

Together – this Synagogue of Satan rule over the rest of us with fake science, fake news, fake medicines, fake drugs, never ending sex, perversion, transgenders, and child abuse scandals.

Their goal appears to be to try and create hell on Earth – with everyone trapped inside their pedophile corporate ‘paradise’ as worker bees….with ‘smart’ phones to run their lives for them.

So that is what you are looking for – the red hair is a bit of a giveaway, especially around the churches, schools, MP’s offices and anywhere they can collect information and spy on people – as well as anywhere they can kill and spill blood, such as GP offices, hospitals, butchers and dairy farms – but also the snakes tongue that they can no longer prevent from popping out, as their desperation and blood lust grows.

Hope that helps keep Kiwis and their families safe as all of this plays out.

Remember – you have to invite the vampire demons in the door! Or choose to contract with them. Eating their factory farmed sacrificed animals, dairy products and processed foods are the best way to contract with them – followed by taking their medications and drugs. All of which weakens you and makes you an easier target. They worship death/ Saturn/ the Grim Reaper and the agenda is to take as many of you off to hell with them as they can………



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