Kim Dotcom’s Silence on Pizza Gate #PizzaGate #Nazis #Zionists


Featured Image – Kim Dotcom’s new family – the ‘wife’ is a boy btw. And check out the Nazi/ Zionist design and colours of Saturn on the redhead mother in law’s dress. You seriously couldn’t make this shit up aye? These Nazis quite seriously worship Saturn as their ‘God’. Dotcom is clearly some sort of high priest/ priestess – always dressed head to toe in black. 


Not one word from Kim Dotcom on Pizza Gate – can you guess why?

Are people starting to wake up to what it was about the Nazis that distinguished them?

Just trying to blend in. lol

New Zealand has been totally taken over by Nazis – and no one has even come out and said it yet.

Well we will say it – New Zealand has been colonized (from the word Colon) – by FUCKING NAZIS. Not least in summer when around 80,000 of the creepy cunts show up and gang stalk everyone across the Nation in their overpriced ‘spaceship’ wanker Nazi camper vans. Check out all of the Black Cube/ Devil worship symbolism…..

Always like to chuck a bit of Mike Bayley in there if we can. Pretty clear what he is also.

Shit is just getting creepy man. Even for us.

Now calling themselves Zionists. Fkg Nazis with their meth.

And called Communists before that…..

 ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lennon

Never ending deception and bullshit. And fake science. And fake history. Just so they can sit on top and parasite off everyone.

A trail of blood left behind them on a Biblical scale. Still at it……..blood sacrifice for Saturn…..their ‘God’…..we are pretty convinced the cunts actually drink the stuff to be honest……

Running the internet New World Order. The entire World. With you as their slaves – those without the ‘Mark’. Hitler’s dream come true.

And gang stalking those who start to notice it.

What a bunch of niggas…….

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