“These Big Redhead Androgynous Beings” – Kim Dotcom/ Con


Featured Image – the rather androgynous looking Kim Dotcom – dressed in the full black Synagogue of Saturn attire


Did anyone else pick up on this in the video below…….

“Those tall redhead androgynous beings”.

And “When these entities finally make their appearance…….Like they are just shy….yeah they did some stuff…yeah they worship Saturn….”

Bribed his way in here – showed up at the same time as all of the meth – and the Super City. 666 number plates. Then makes the NZ tax payer fund years of court cases / Crown lawyers/ judges etc. They are having a fkg laugh. His entire story is a fraud – from Snowden to Assange. All of them are bad actors for the Globalization invasion and Zionist/ Nazi internet new World order.

Edward Snowden is Rapper “Snow”

For fks sake.

Got one of these rats right in our back yard

This fat cat/ snake needs to be evicted – and the faster the better. They all do.

#LestWeForget !!

Anyone else remember that?

They are quite clearly now totally controlling the justice system – and another one showed up recently also and got fast tracked some of our best land. Creepy shit man.

Fk off you nazi cnts – back to your own homes.

Not one word on Pizza Gate from internet ‘truther’ Kim Dotcom either – can you guess why?

Does Kim Dotcom Run the International Child Porn Industry – from Queenstown?

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