Decree of King James – Every Kiwi Allocated a 1/4 Acre Section by Birth Right



An exciting new Decree by the King this good morning folks……

Every Kiwi will be allocated a quarter acre section of land by birth right/ when born. That land will be held in trust for you and cannot be sold, but it can be exchanged for another, and only you and/or your chosen principal can use it. What you choose to use it for is up to you, as long as you keep the law – of do no harm.

We encourage you to build and grow fruit, veges, and weed. Maybe try brewing some chemical free beer or wine. Good for the soul also. In moderation. The new Republic respects your soul – that is where your very own Christ is – and we encourage you to honor it.

For you – this shall be your work. We do not encourage ‘jobs’ in the new Republic. Jobs are for slaves – who work for niggas – and you are now free men.

This land will be handed back to the Public/ Republic from the dairy cattle that currently occupy it.

We are not feeding China in the new Republic. China has enough of its own land.

The Fonterra CEO will be chucked in jail if he chooses to stay – and the demonic/ demented NZ dairy farmers compensated with new Republic issued Bonds, then finally freed from the Satanic blood sacrifice and pedophilia curse they have been under. God bless.

There are also massive swathes of unused land all over the Nation which will be freed up and made available. Land is for living, not roping off and hiding. Some examples include both North West and East of Wellington, Northland, East Cape region, South Westland, Malborough Sounds, Buller, Tasman etc. Fucking thousands of miles of the stuff. There is no shortage of land in the new Republic, only in this fake corporate/ masonic system with its fake maps.

Cheers, you are welcome.

The King of Christ’s Church.


(Not your King mind – just one of many, on the way)

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