The Furries Updates – Max Key – Purple Hope & the False Suicide Stats #TOS


Featured Image – Max Key sporting a purple sweater, and what looks like a new nose job. 


Max Key’s latest video promoting youth suicide, for NZ herald ‘Spy’.

Or at least advising his fellow twats how best to not commit suicide….. on a bad hair day.

They love it – so work furiously to keep the statistics in the news. Its a form of advertising for them and the related spin off industries, such as morgues and the pseudo science counseling and anti depressants businesses.

They probably just make up the numbers btw – most of them are probably suicides they have staged for the insurance money – before sending their snotty little sexual deviant kids off to boarding school overseas under new false I.D’s. Very few if any human beings actually top themselves.

Did he say 666 suicides? Or was it 668? Near miss. And complete bullshit.

Check out the 666/ hex on the Spy logo – also in purple, the colour of Saturn

What ‘Marx’ is really trying to say in this video folks – is do not worship false idols. Very simple. No need for 15 minutes of bullshit.

The Christ / Light is in you – not outside of you.

You were born perfect in every way and only you can figure out what your talents are and how best to use them. Nobody else has any fkg idea. Not your teachers, not your doctor, and certainly not some tranny rich lister on ‘social’ media.. It is up to you to find the best way for you to express the Creator in you, or through you. What makes you tick.

Almost all of these fashionable people you see on your TV’s etc have been very seriously abused as kids growing up in these inbred blue blood / Phoenician families – and because they have never come to terms with it – and refuse to be honest about it – they develop into serious psychopaths later in life and go around sucking the souls out of as many human beings as they can. Indeed they are paid to do it – and well rewarded for it.

They are planning a long drawn out career for this deceiving little nigga – Max Key – and will thus keep propping him up in the media – targeting your heart…..with the ‘colour purple’.

Its a fkg demon folks. Be warned.

He even appears to admit at one stage that he was in part responsible for the death of a friend. And there are still lingering questions over Sarah Higgins…and a “high profile” father and son given name suppression around the same time….also around the same time John Key fled the Country….now all covered up.

Taking personal advice off someone like ‘Marx’ Key could be likened to drinking directly out of a toilet at an overpopulated crack house to try and get high. It will never be very fulfilling and there is serious risk of death.

The overall goal of these inbred demons is to try and drag as many real human souls down into their Pitt with them as they can.

If you are deceived into seeking answers outside of yourself  – or what has been provided naturally for you and to you – and not least from one of these inbred psychopaths – you will most likely end up as a victim of the likes of this degenerate little nigga and his whack job / psychotic serial killer family.

The furries will be released upon you…….rest assured…..if you invite one of these shape shifting corporate vampire niggas in your ‘door’/ heart……They only deal in death, pedophilia…..and the legal / eagle name.


(Video below false images) 

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