Trustee Account Details for the Republic of New Zealand



Just noticed the account details we gave for the new Republic seem to have disappointed off our previous post/s

And the website itself is blocked by Google. This will be fixed once we set up another hosting account – we hope.

So here are the account details again.

Once you join the New Zealand Republic – that is it – you are then only bound to the laws of the NZ Republic – which is only the one law of “Do No Harm” – you are no longer obliged to adhere to any other laws. That means you are also tax free, as long as you do not use your full legal name anywhere.

There is a $12 fee to join the Republic.

Then $12 per annum after the first year.

That is all you offer and pay.

There are no personal income taxes.

And the only law is do no harm. Which means first and foremost, no killing.

We will fire all 121 odd MP’s immediately and activate the New Zealand Treasury again to issue our own Republic of NZ Bonds and money supply.

If keen to help get things started and the website up and running – which will run the entire thing – please send $12 along with a unique identifier to either of the following accounts/ Trustees

Cohen Glass




Wireless Media

(Website Developers)



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