All Pensions will be Honored in the new Republic



Should be no need to state this really – but all pensions will be honored in the new Republic. Of course. And reassessed where ever it is deemed they are causing poverty, illness or distress.  Distress and illness will not be encouraged in the new Republic.

Many of New Zealand’s elderly are being slowly starved and poisoned to death in the current lizard run global corporate system and this is of course unacceptable. We do not worship death in the new Republic. We honor and respect life.

The elderly can also look forward to near free power, access to clean food and water for a change – and free information on the various best health advice and cell salts (not from these psychotic self loving corporate serial killer doctors).

Maybe keep in mind that there is no killing in the new Republic – which means no meat eating of course either. Those determined to eat blood and death are well advised to stick with the current system, where they are taking you all off to hell – and doing a very fine job of it.

In regards the ‘economics’/ mathematics of it all – it is very simple. Look around you – there is no shortage of anything in New Zealand, nor has there ever been. The foreign bank owned and controlled money supply is the means by which these corporate niggas create the illusion of a shortage. There are no shortages in the new Republic. There is only abundance.

The Treasury will be activated in the new Republic and access to more than enough money to facilitate all required exchange.

Foreign trade will only come once all domestic needs are catered for. We do not serve foreign ‘profits’ or Crowns in the new Republic. Foreign Crowns will be respected on the condition that they stay out of our affairs but we look after our each other first and foremost – followed by our neighbors.

Looking after the elderly will be a priority in the new Republic. Not looking after the egos of these psychotic corporate pedophile elites.

Join the Republic.




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