Sam Morgan is the Ginga Lizard Running New Zealand Inc – via the Google NZ Franchise


Featured Image – Sam Morgan one of these androgynous redhead elite lizard types. Fair use.


King James likes to slay lizards before breakfast…….

It has dawned on us this morning that Sam Morgan is the corrupt little inbred pedophile enabling nigger running the entire Country. They others you see in the news are all either actors in drag, or lower level pedophiles and drug addicts being bribed and mind controlled. His real partners in crime are the other elite pedophile ring redheads shown below – of course – how obvious……

This makes Sam Morgan the King of the pedophiles – and arguably the biggest pedophile in our the Nation. Sam Morgan is running NZ – and all of the pedophilia is covered up – as we have already proven. Thus Sam Morgan and his high tech redhead elite partners above are running these pedophile rings in New Zealand. Readers will recall how the Palmy Creep Catchers Facebook page was shut down overnight when he exposed around 10 redhead pedophiles in the palmy and Taupo Areas. We have heard the Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins is now in jail for breaching his strict 12 month bail conditions – none of the actual pedophiles have been arrested.

Redheads across the Nation have rallied behind the pedophiles and started a new Facebook page to take the piss out of Bevans. Media Whores met one of these redheads recently in fact – Dwayne from Flaxbush Motels Hari Hari – who was also pushing the unofficial cover up story of Palmy Creep Catchers and how much of a criminal he was. It wasn’t until later that Media Whores clicked that he was doing that because he already knew who we were. Never ending dishonesty and deception. These Sayanim redheads across the Nation all conspire to cover up their fellow redhead pedophilia.

We do not put up with pedophilia in the new Republic Dwayne/ (Duane?), so you will need to address your attitude to child abuse and rape.

Media Whores has in fact been a little slow in picking up on this reality – that it is these redhead niggas that run everything now in New Zealand – and due to our tendency to try and be nice to everyone – we see all people as human beings first and foremost.

Another obvious example is the Justin Davis Files – completely covered up because too many family members involved. Forget the victims – protect ‘the family’ first.

The redhead half lizard elites worship the planet Saturn – and it is well documented that the worst of them sacrifice children to their God in exchange for power – and have done for thousands of years. Thus the all new Ministry of Vulnerable Children under Sam Morgan’s illegal / unlawful rule.

Then these Satan worshiping pedophile ring redheads creep around spying on us all – but especially those who start to wake up to the truth of all this – and thus why Media Whores has now become such an expert on it all. They just can’t help themselves – they are like mosquitoes to red meat…..and especially young/ fresh red meat.

Sam Morgan is of the elite /lizard bloodline and we would guess traces back to the redhead JP Morgan clan – one of the most famous filthy thieving monopoly cunts of all time. The electricity market is indeed still monopolised – while it should all in fact be free – and will be free or close to free in the new Republic.

We know Sam Morgan is of the lizard bloodline because his tongue keeps popping out of his mouth – and he looks like he was born in an egg. Which he probably was.

Sam Morgan announced his semi retirement when he sold Trade Me for $700 million to some other inbred monopoly cunts from overseas who continue to rape the entire Nation everyday of the week – while using corruption and mafia like businesses tactics to fend of any real competition. Not least manipulation of internet search results.

Sam Morgan now pretends to be trying to set up an alternative/ secondary data cable line into New Zealand – to make himself look like a hero of the people. This is  lie. If these redhead niggas wanted a second cable – it would have been done already. What they really want is a monopoly over all data into and out of NZ – all of which is channeled to their Israeli super servers  – with the illusion of competition maybe coming sometime in the future. This is what pedophiles do – they collude, deceive and lie.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Lennon (Redhead Soviet Communist leader – and mass murderer) 

What Sam Morgan really does now – behind the scenes – is he runs the Google franchise in New Zealand…….on behalf of his Israeli masters……

And this gives Sam Morgan the power to determine the income and success of any business in New Zealand that he pleases. As well as to destroy anyone he doesn’t like very much……he can just wipe them off the map. Do you think that is ‘democracy’?

Google – just the same as Facebook – is not just one giant corporation run from overseas somewhere (Israel by any serious analysis) – these redhead niggas figured out a long time ago that the best or indeed only way to try and run their new Global ‘silly con’ slave system was to franchise it out across the various Cunt Trees – giving their redhead pedophile ring conspirators control over the on and off buttons in each Nation. That way the niggas on the ground could best keep an eye on local events and breaking ‘moments of truth’ or live leaks – and shut it all down. As happened with Palmy Creep Catchers. And the new Republic website- which is still being blocked by Google . Media Whores on the other hand is hosted overseas and seems to have been very protected, suggesting that we do at least have some sort of real opposition to these inbred pedophile lizard niggas out there somewhere – and thankfully 😉

Sam Morgan has now in the past month since we announced the formation of a new Republic run by Sovereigns – gone about fraudulently and manually manipulating the search results of some of the other websites run by the Trustee to the new Republic – Cohen Glass – so as to halve his monthly business and related income. This is the future if we allow these inbred lizard cunts to run everything on our behalf. Only fellow pedophile Satanists of these satanic ‘elites’ will be promoted to the top of Google results. Rest assured – your plumber will be a pedophile – if we allow this to continue, and you rely on Google’s recommendations.

Sam Morgan is one of these androgynous shape shifting lizard snakes – with most serious researchers now agreeing that they drink and/or transfuse the blood of children in order to change physical form and traits, and even reduce their age,, and even their gender. Sam Morgan now shape shifts and/or dresses up in drag to play the part of ‘Caroline Rainsford’ – a name made up while snorting meth one night no doubt, along with a matching Linked In page. All of these redhead Nazi/ Zionist elites are apparently on meth – that is what drives them- and apparently has for a long time. Hitler and his fellow redhead Nazis were all on meth.

So Sam Morgan – while pretending to be ‘managing’ his investments’ – is in fact now running New Zealand via the Google franchise he has been handed to control – no doubt with the oversight of the redhead ‘rainbow’ tie wearing Israeli Ambassador – and in partnership with his fellow redhead hightech pedophile ring lizard ‘elites’.

It is like a script out of a really bad movie isn’t it.

Now since Media Whores announced ourselves as King and ordered the setting up of a new Republic – not run by these pedophile ring elite redheads – Google NZ has gone in and manually manipulated the search results for at least one of a related  top income earning website – and halved our associates/ associated funding almost overnight. This fraud has been well documented – but we will refrain from posting all of the details for now.

Sam Morgan – you filthy little inbred redhead pedophile ring nigga cunt.

You are a criminal.

And no doubt one of the inbred lizard cunts running the gang stalking program also.

Now here is the thing – Media Whores doesn’t give a fk about any of your bullshit, lies, deception and corrupt mafia tactics. That should surely be clear by now. We only a give a fk about truth…and a little bit of peace around us when not seeking truth.

So Sam – you fake little pedophile enabling fraud – you should know this – what you are dealing with here will not stop.

We do not give a fk about any consequences. Only truth. And freedom.

You do not appoint nor control what happens down here on this Plane – you can only pretend to – for so long.

We will simply document all of your fraud and tricks – publicize it as much as possible – and then continue on – until you and your fellow pedophiles are flushed out of this once peaceful and proud Nation – and freedom and real justice restored to Kiwis. Along with the political power.

So you go to town mate – you paranoid little schizophrenic pedophile lizard freak. What you have seen from us so far – having stalked and chased us right across New Zealand, using all the man power you could muster and every trick in the book – was just us diagnosing the actual problem…and now introducing ourselves. It has been just a brief introduction of what is to come.

And if you know your true history well – if you go back far enough – you will know that you lose. And if any one of your filthy little inbred more senior snakes are advising you otherwise – they are deliberately misleading you, so as to try and boost your frail little effeminate stage managed  ‘confidence’.

The NZ public now see you for what you are – a professional/ full time Satan worshiping secret cock sucker….and inbred criminal fraud. With the lizard DNA thing going on.

Your days here in New Zealand are now numbered you filthy little lizard. You will either have to flee with the rest of them, or face a full criminal investigation…and the resulting consequences.

Its game on filthy little inbred nigga. We see you clearly now.

Corinthians 6:3

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