The Four Creepy Homosexual Nazis that Secretly Run New Zealand Inc…..



Well it is all but official folks – and plainly obvious to see.

These are the four Nazi/ Zionists secretly  running the entire Cuntree……

Kim Dotcom is clearly staging his entire legal bullshit – and thus dictating to/ in charge of the New Zealand judiciary/ legal system. Possibly bribing most of them for child porn. These niggas have invented the entire narrative and all of the characters in it, Assange, Snowden, Chelsea Manning – for fks sake. Its a fkg circus.

Peter Thiel is the transvestite man playing the role of Jacinda Ardern and thus completely in charge of the New Zealand Government.

Sam Morgan plays the part of Google CEO Caroline Rainsford – and is therefore controlling Google and thus the success or failure of almost every business in New Zealand.

And Mark Zuckerberg controls Facebook and can thus control all debate – not least by switching off any pages that expose these same Nazis / Zionists and their relentless pedophilia – and no doubt other crime also.

Together these four men/ women/ trannies/ Nazis / lizards – have near complete control over our entire Nation……..

So much for ‘least we forget’.

Perhaps worth noting that they all seem to claim to be Jewish as well – or least have hidden ‘Jewish’ family links. It is Kabbalah that these Nazis practice if anything though. None of them even admit the Earth is flat for starters and they all look like big pulled pork sandwich fans to us. Plus all the homosexual and tranny stuff they are into – doesn’t fit with any religion. Satanists in short.

Beneath them is a small army of lap dog Zionist/ Nazi terrorists that are engaged in either running the drugs, staging the crime, running the pedophile rings, staging the terrorism, and / or helping to cover it all up. Most of them working in Government roles or media…….too many to post now. It is one big old club…..of demons……the vast majority of whom are apparently on the meth

Mind blowing really.

You know – this is all so ridiculous now – could it all just be theater invented by the Jews and/ or the Masons to test us all and ‘judge’ us?

One thing is for sure – its a traveling fkg circus.

Either that or Media Whores was somehow unwittingly selected for fkg Truman Show.

Sam Morgan is the Ginga Lizard Running New Zealand Inc – via the Google NZ Franchise



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