The Sophie Elliot Hoax


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This one really needs its own headline folks

The Sophie Elliot Hoax.

Pure Masonic scripting and bullshit – from start to finish.

Pure Satanism pushed out into the lounges of Kiwis across the Nation for 2-3 years. Poisoning & terrorizing everyone. Sex, lies and murder.

Wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that ‘Clayton Weatherston’ also played the part of the mother – Lesley Elliot. Now touring the Nation collecting donations. And check it out – the female cat/ Saturn and even the butterflies – you filthy snake……like taking candy from babies….

The Sophie Elliot Foundation

This type of shit was the start of ISIS in New Zealand – and the good natured Kiwis never saw it coming. ISIS was here a long time ago.

And what else do you notice?

And the shape shifting androgynous Synagogue lawyer/ liar / Greg King…

Check out the lizard tongue on the ‘best friend’

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    Jack says:

    Trouble is as I experienced in Australia, if you trample on them the wrong way, they bite, often with severe poison.

    In fact some snakes even when you cut off their heads, they can still bite and kill you.

    I only just never got bitten by a black snake in the grass going up a hill in skippyland, I looked down and the snake was under the grass and slithering around the sole of my jandal….5 mm either way in that grass and it would have zipped my leg like 3 shots from a 45mm calibre. Dead like Ned.

    Hey Auntie Helen Clark aka “the vampire” has become patron for the Nat COW. National Council For Women.

    What was that for. And for which women, obviously not for “the breeders” (normal child rearing and sacrificing women) as they call them. Lets guess (1) poisoning the wombs of NZ women with 1080 poison so they cannot reproduce or produce disfunctional foetuses so that they become totally reliant on the nanny state. (2) Separating fathers from the children so that there is 5 times the amount of crime commmitted. (3) At least four attempted murders on Gregg Hallett (4) Causing thousands of NZers to be imprisoned falsely by manipulating the release date times, after 2001, thereby with the additional numbers, being able to build a couple of new prisons for the sudden prison population surge (5) Coordinating with Jenny Shipley to put the Mossad witch Sian Elias as head of the Supreme Court (6) the list goes on and on…… guys might like to fill in the numbers to and beyond 100….that should get a bot of feedback, that is not bullsh*t paedophile sodomist mafia media spin.

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