What Really Goes into the Sal’s Pizza Special Salami & Sauces?


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What are they really putting in the Sal’s pizza special salami from New York folks?

It is of course a secret, but it might be wise to have a think about it before buying food off some of these people. Don’t you think? Or pay attention?

And do you recall how far back it was when you knew every single person who served you food on a first and last name basis? They were called family.

So just who are these wonderful new people from overseas who have come all the way to New Zealand – with access to millions of dollars – just to make sure you have another pizza brand to choose from?

And just how do you become so amazing popular so fast like this? And like Lonestar and Hells also for that matter?

Could it be the secret sauce?

The funding support from ANZ Bank – the same bank that steals fees off some customers, while supporting and backing others?

Or something far worse than that which are you munching down with your mates?

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