The Muslim Immigrants are Running the Gang Stalking Program in New Zealand – with Help from the Redhead / Rh Negative Masons



(Our latest gang stalking video below customary rant and explanation)

The only real source of real information in New Zealand – by far – everything else compromised to ‘buggery’.

That headline above will go across the Plane-T today – and the stats will be duly covered up.

Get this – we have been gang stalked across the Nation for the past 2 years. At least.

Figuring we didn’t have much else more important to do – we just ran with it and decided to investigate and document it. Like a red flag to a Mars in Taurus. You are not compromising our freedoms in our own Nation – you filthy cnts. In short.

We have started going slowly over some of the 100gb of footage we gathered and today we have clicked on this issue.

in almost every town we passed through – we would almost always notice some local Muslims come out of their shops – usually bottle stores or cafes/ Kebab places – and watch as we went by – always with the smart phones on them – often even with ear pieces in.

They were generally speaking much less conspicuous and noticeable than the redheads and Masons who would generally and/or deliberately make complete assholes of themselves. These Muslims were very sly about it. K Road is crawling with them for one. Also that Kebab shop opposite TVNZ is another one we noticed. It is very obvious though, because out of all the vehicles passing by, they all slowly turn their heads to watch only ours.

Today we are prepared to make the following conclusion.

It is in fact these new Muslim immigrants that are RUNNING the gang stalking program, and the redhead / Rh negative Masons are more like their foot soldiers.

The gang stalking is referred to as “the silent dagger” – and their goal is to get any last independent Kiwis to either top themselves, or lash out and end up in jail for 10 years, then be painted up in the media as a lunatic.

Makes perfect sense really doesn’t it.

“About fkg time” we can hear thousands of readers say. Yeah well we like to get all of our ducks in a row ūüėČ And we have certainly done that.

This was also backed up recently when a Muslim character we met some time back in Wellington – Naveed Abidi,¬† from a wealthy Muslim family in Pakistan – emailed us out of the blue a few weeks ago to say he was suddenly coming¬†to visit¬†and wanted to catch up – just days after our first article about the redhead half breed Persians, and that 300 movie clip. lol. A bit of a give away. The people in this gang always present themselves…..and are all secretly communicating and coordinating this entire global agenda…behind the backs of the rest of us….the tax paying slaves who actually fund it all for them.¬† Fk that.

These cnts are sitting their with special politically correct status – government allocated jobs – and new mortgages from the banks – while 5th and 6th generation Kiwis are fighting for their fkg lives.

Should note they have been doing the same thing to Maori for the past 200 years also. Using us white folk. Same old cycle on repeat.

The Masons can be traced back to the Knights Templers who journeyed into the Middle East and came back with riches….and secrets. Knowledge is Power. The secrets just being all of the lost knowledge which the likes of Bonacci etc have now released in full. The fact the Plane-t we live on is flat for one. Bonacci has also well documented the names of the elite PERSIAN families who rule the World – they have bred with all / most/ many of the most powerful families over time and it is then these half breed Persian types that rule over us all. And most of them seem to be redheads. We have previously postulated that the redhead/ Rh negative bloodline is a half breed Persian bloodline ie) that the red hair is a result of a mix between Persian blood and white race blood.

Now in the past 20 or so years – the ruling elites have staged their fake war of terror – invaded any Middle Eastern Nations that would not play ball with their globalist plans – then gone about systematically destroying the Christian churches of old across the West, with almost all crosses on Churches now taken down across New Zealand for one – and settign up new age half ass Masonic ‘Christian’ churches which worship ass sex, fake Jews, and fake refugees – while you would have noticed all of the brand spanking new Mason buildings around the Nation – each with a fresh/ new coat of paint – not to mention the Mason signs up at almost every town entrance across the Nation. With a small army of new Muslim immigrants now working/ running the bottle stores, pubs, bars, restaurants and even the supermarkets as far as we can tell. Who is importing them, selling them businesses and giving them all jobs – usually over Kiwis.

This is a constitutional crisis in New Zealand – if we actually had a fkg constitution. The new Republic now does btw – and thus why Google are still blocking it¬†. You are quite clearly breaking the law of Do No Harm when you are conspiring to persecute only one group of Kiwis, gang stalk them…..and slowly poison them to death.

Can’t honestly say if all of these redheads even understand what it is they are doing – or even who they serve – but there is no mistaking what is going on.

The Masons serve their Muslim and Persian overlords and blood relatives – who have all of the power – not least Rothschild/ Red Child himself – one of the first Muslim / Persian inbred families – possibly the original story of Eve¬† fkg a snake in the Garden. And these new Muslim ‘refugees’ / immigrants are actually the ones running the gang stalking program in New Zealand – and abroad. It all started happened around the same time. So pretty simple math really.

What a bunch of inbred fkg cnts. Coming here and stealing ALL of our freedoms from us – and all based on lies. Not to mention poisoning our alcohol and food supply – go check out how many NZ wineries are owned by these half breed Persians – the ones who call themselves ‘Jews’ – all of them is our guess – and they now ALL put sulphite toxic chemicals in the wine for the Muslim run supermarkets – soft killing an entire generation of wine drinkers for one. Check out the rings of Saturn and 666 hex’s in the brewers logo for one….right in your face…the fake Jews/ Synagogue of Satan.


This is a fkg invasion. By stealth.

And the sum total of the so called ‘New World Order’, once you chuck in all of the black cube technology run Israel along with it.

The half breed redheads and Masons have been promised¬†all of the power and money in the West¬†¬†– if they just get on board with the program and help wipe out the white/ western races – and replace them all with new immigrant slaves that they can more easily control and rule over. Hardly ‘democratic’ is it?

Nor very clever given these same ‘elite’ Persians and Muslims are rapping their children also – as evidenced in the ChCh Civic Crache case – and other well known cases in New Zealand. As well as poisoning all of their food, water and medications etc. The elites/ Persians/ fake Jews will sell them all down the river eventually also – as they do to all of their mind control slaves and foot soldiers.

Joji Varghese on the Putararu “Wild Boar” & 1080 Hoax

And it is apparently these new Muslim arrivals who are running/ coordinating it all. IN OUR Nation.

Not sure where the homosexual thing comes in – possibly because the homos have been the easiest to compromise and get to sell out, but the vast majority of our gang stalkers have appeared to be ‘faggot’ types. Or creepy old pedophile types. The worst of the worst.

They are all essentially under Jewish/ Persian elite mind control – and have been since the days of Jesus is our best guess. Jesus having died at age ’33’. lmfao. Dumbed down by their TV’s, animal based diets, booze and medications – we doubt they even know whom they serve and for whom they really work for……althought the very worst of them clearly do. $$$$ its snakes you fools. You quite literally worship snakes – no different to the Babylonian slaves of old. Persian elite snakes – that rape your kids in the schools and dental surgeries also. The Rothschild snakes that lend you your money $$$….and told you to farm and eat animals….the two primary means by which you are enslaved. It’s called Voodoo/ black magic……the occult.

Every remaining honest Kiwi – the redheads included – needs to walk away from this system asap. It’s a masonic death cult – and a death sentence. Even for your children, no matter how ‘successful’ they think they are being. They are all headed for hell – under that legal name and Persian owned Birth Certificate – a fixed price already on their heads. Traded like slaves.

Media Whores is now ready to admit that this Muslim / Islam (mental Asylum) invasion is the biggest immediate threat to our Nation. We can all argue about the other shit later.


PS: we have much more of this footage and will try and upload some more Рhave to go over it all Рthere is one very good one of the Muslim business owners on K Road all coming out for a look one day Рplus around 10 redheads. These snakes are literally on every street corner now. 

They even painted the script all over the Denver Airport……

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      mediawhores says:

      it is a very censored topic. there is now an army of fake ones on youtube all claiming to be gang staked.
      watched Vice News gang stalking – its all fake redheads and then one lying jew/ hollwyood actor at the end.
      best thing to do mate is watch all of Trample on Snakes 6 videos – study them
      he has covered it all
      here is one good one
      also search our website for “redheads” – and our articles will come up

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