‘One Eye’ – the Afghani Crack Pipe Supplier to Auckland from his K Road Superette


Featured Image – an artists impression of ‘One Eye’, the Afghani immigrant/ refugee crack pipe supplier to most of Auckland, out of his K Road Dairy – Walia Superette. 


Mike Bush – when you have finished choking on your frappacino this morning – perhaps you would like to grab a couple of your nearest fellow gang members, wonder down to K Road in Auckland and seize all of the meth pipes that ‘One Eye’ keeps behind the counter of his crack pipe superette, plus the hundreds he keeps out the back, then arrest ‘One Eye’ – the Afghani immigrant dairy owner – and his redheaded wife – who have been supplying crack pipes from behind his superette counter for the last 10+ years in Auckland – probably supplying most of Auckland in fact – and thus facilitating more harm than almost any other man in the meth trade in New Zealand. Well, up there with the worst of them at least.

If you are feeling up to the challenge – perhaps even after a quick latte at Star Bucks – you could then pop next door to One Eye’s crack pipe superette, and arrest the Jewish Sayanim redhead that runs the cafe next to him on suspicion of illegal gang stalking, and then the Muslim liquor store owner across the road on similar charges. Be sure to seize both their smart phones also so we can identify what App these treasonous little infiltrating assholes are using to spy on Kiwis.

Now given that will already be more work than you have probably done in one morning since you were appointed/ anointed – feel free to stop for a gluten free pulled pork sandwich – in fact the pizza place next to One Eye’s crack pipe superette do a very nice vegetarian pizza – maybe even stop and grab yourself a nice new pink men’s business shirt from O’Malleys, if it will help boost your confidence a little.

Once you are feeling refreshed and ready for the next big challenge – how about then driving 5-10’s down the road to the meth Night and Day store at 680 Great North Road and arresting the Sayanim meth trafficker who has been supplying most of that area of Auckland their meth for the past 10 years, turning over millions in tax free dollars in the process.

As far as we can tell – that would be your most successful day at work since you started, so maybe take the rest of the day off.

In the morning – maybe put on that nice new pink ‘business’ shirt ..for men …and call a news conference – but careful not to invite Media Works/ ISIS in New Zealand – and announce the great work you have finally done for the Auckland community – and we will be more than happy to publish your success also.

You bent fkg idiot


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