The Beast is a Redhead Jewish Bitch & I See It – Stephen Hunter, Barrister


Featured Image – Stephen Hunter of Shortland Chambers. Snakes in suits/ Je$uits. 


The beast is a bitch – and I see it


The Bar Association are the Enemy of Mankind – Stephen Hunter, Barrister

Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.

Crown Mafia Painstakingly Covering Up the Record $450M Northland Meth Haul

Steve Cullen on the Bar Association Meth & Child Sex Trafficking….Allegations

Is Neil Roberts of Harmoney a Meth Head?

NZ Navy Chief – Rear Admiral John Martin – on the Meth & Kiddie Porn

The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road

Google NZ Promoting Meth Use on it’s Search Results

Massey High School, Meth & the Pedophile Masonic Agenda..

Allegations Clarke Gayford is a Speed/ Meth Smoking Drug Addict & Built his Media Career by “Spreading his cheeks”

Is Thomas Pippos of Deloitte Auckland a Professional Pedophile Minder and Meth Trafficker?

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2 thoughts on “The Beast is a Redhead Jewish Bitch & I See It – Stephen Hunter, Barrister”

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    Jack says:

    The Auckland water supply at the Hunua lakes, is being 1080 poisoned once the weather clears.
    So much for the “Hikoi of a poisoned nation”.
    These people doing this must be the most vile, cruel, evil people to have ever lived on Earth. There must be a point at which we can legally describe these people as “demons” they are, and that their deaths are defined as “the walking dead” “zombie” pest control.
    There are times that a natural human beings heart cannot break any more and he just wants to cry forever because of what this stuff is doing to New Zealand by these Rothschild London Satanist puppets.
    Not just the men, but what about the poor women who are much more sensitive to stuff like this that is designed to poison their wombs, the poisoned chalice effect, and turn their men’s reproductive testes to infertile mush. So they are either infertile or the children are born with massive genetic disorders. Genetic disorders that are even being able to skip generations.
    All thanks to these monsters disguised as the extreme feminism and political correctness brigade.
    With sabotage of the Auckland ware supply, south Auckland women should be warned to go to the other side of the harbour, where the North Shore males won’t have this problem, because they don’t drink the water from the Hunua lakes. See how the testosterone driven boys feel about that.
    These 1080 poisoners, these monsters, who poison to death our Kiwi heritage, won’t stop, without extreme force, because they are under orders from Rothschild’s London paedophile sodomist Satanist Nazi Head Office. Jacinda Ardern didn’t spend two years in London mixing with the likes of the mass murderer and paedophile enabler tony Blair, for nothing.
    Winston Peters promised he would deliver a moratorium on 1080 if people voted for NZ First. That was just a evil scam by Winston Peters to sucker the peoples votes from them. He never ever had any intention of honouring that promise. It was just the game the Rothschild’s use. Standard modus operandi, called controlling the opposition, by leading the opposition.
    Winston Peters just suckered everybody in, he just said what he thought would bring him some votes. With there never being any intention to deliver a moratorium on 1080. In fact massively increasing the funds available to 1080 poison. Which speaks for itself.
    NZ First should be banned eternally from New Zealand because of this, to never darken our doorstep ever again. And God bless any patriotic sharpshooters who have decided that enough is enough. These monsters have got to go.

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      mediawhores says:

      they call themselves jews
      and they will all run soon
      and switch off all of the tech
      it will just all be a bad dream

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