The Beast is a Bitch and I See It – Peter Thiel #TOS


Featured Image – Peter Thiel/ Jacinda Ardern


 ‘Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.’ – Remy de Gourmont 

Well – Youtube have started serving us up Peter Thiel motivational videos – can’t find it now, but something about ‘have you wasted your life, and how to change it’.

Apparently we could be as great as Pedor Thiel – if we just decide to be a little more politically correct, drink blood, take it up the ass and suck some masonic / Jewish ck.

Seems they are seriously underestimating us and where we are at.

They have slowly withdrawn the Sam Ovens campaign – following our response to that.

Sam Survived the Ovens

Now also doubled up the number of ads – two full ads before each video, then ad breaks every few minutes

Google have also stepped in and halved our monthly income almost overnight – this is your future also – if you are not a pedophile Nazi / Zionist Satanist…sexual pervert or drug addict under some form of mind control – they will come after you eventually as well….

And they are now sitting there each day filling out the forms on our various websites and sending us a whole range of offers – new business opportunities, self help, motivation, loans, and various other advice. Many of them from Russia.

Also reverted back to some of the older ‘Come live in Thailand’ and even Saudi Arabia promos. Apparently paradise is on offer, and just around the corner.


Fucking creepy mind control Jews, Russian and German Jews and Muslim / Persian elites running our entire lives, behind the digital curtain.

Interesting to note that they do not want you to leave the internet altogether however – just tighten the screws and throw some more advanced psychological tests at you.

The beast is a Persian faggot – and I see it.


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