The Devil is a Bitch and I See It – Mike Bush – ‘Elite’ Rent Boy


Featured Image – NZ Police Commissioner, Mike Bush – Rent Boy. 

Mike Bush – you fkg loser.

How can one half ass blog being run solo and part time by an extremist vegetarian conspiracy theorist (actually now the self proclaimed 1st King in the new Republic – but we don’t mind the odd giggle at ourselves also) –  in just 1-2 hours per day – solve and expose more crime than your entire tax payer funded police force put together?

Well here is the answer – because you mate are compromised – to buggery…….and back again. In fact we would suggest around the block more times than the Special Olympics.

You are a waste of tax payers’ money. A fraud of the highest disorder. A self serving corrupt top class professional idiot who probably struggles to tie his own shoe laces.

You have had a moral and ethical obligation to the tax payers who fund and rely on you – and their neighborhoods are now run by Jewish /Nazi/ Zionist meth dealers and the gangs and meth whores that they prop up.

For all intents and purposes – you are in charge of the meth industry in New Zealand.

Crown Mafia Painstakingly Covering Up the Record $450M Northland Meth Haul

You have had an obligation to the younger police men and women who signed up having been misled to believe that they were going to make a difference in this Nation and help keep both their own families and their communicates safer – and you have sold them all out and let them down also.

Due to your love of dressing up in uniforms and attending the events and dinner parties of the Jewish / Nazi and Muslim ‘elites’ – you have been prepared to shit all over the trust and needs of the NZ public you are paid to serve. You are no different to an officer in the Third Reich or in Lennon’s oppressive communist regime and thus a sell out to all of the good Kiwi men and women who have served before you.

You have turned a blind eye to the Jewish/ Nazi Gang Stalking Program, if not actually running it, as well as all of the pedophile rings and pedophilia scandals we have exposed, and all of the other crime and corruption we have near single handedly exposed in this Nation.

You will go down in NZ history – as well as in the book – as a corrupt clown who let down an entire Nation and allowed the flood gates of Jewish / Bolshevik communism (now cleverly called capitalism)  not just in our doors, but to take over and cement itself in our once proud Nation.

You do not serve yourself – nor do you serve these homosexual pervert child abusing Jewish / Zionist / Nazi redhead bitches above you (the Devil) – you serve those who fund you with their hard earned tax dollars.

Stand aside now – or grow a pair of balls and start doing your job.

Check out this plate number – ‘As if’

The Morrinsville Police Shooting Hoax






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