Whangarei Police Gang Stalking Event – Masonic Red Alert 666


Featured Image – Mike Bush, in charge of the communist/ Bolshevik / Masonic / Jesuit (ie, Jews in Suits) illegal gang stalking program in New Zealand. And probably in charge of the meth distribution and pedophile rings also by any serious analysis. What a fkg sell out this prick is. You are a disgrace Mike Bush….to the entire history of this Nation. Nothing more than a communist/ Stasi/ Nazi gangster, who likes to play dress up. New Zealand is being run by meth trafficking , terrorism staging ISIS Jews you dopey self serving clown, and they have promoted you to the top presumably because you are filthy and corrupt enough to go along with it. You filthy low life sell out.  


That last gang stalking video we posted on Youtube has been flagged as “Inappropriate” we notice.

Youtube still claim that no one has actually watched it, but somehow at least one person was able to flag it as ‘hurtful’.

Meanwhile our own stats are showing these articles get hundreds of thousands of views in 24 hours.

Welcome to 1984….

So folks, we now have the situation where by it is deemed OK to use smart phone Apps to illegally gang stalk Kiwis – not to mention journalists – across our Towns, Cities and Nation – but it is ‘inappropriate’ to actually record them back and report / publish your findings on line. Namely that we now have a small army of homosexual and/or pedophile meth heads running around New Zealand spying on anyone who publishes child abuse allegations, or thinks 911 was a lie.

The state of it.

Wouldn’t be surprise if Youtube remove the whole channel at some stage today – to help protect their local Sayanim spies and related pedophile rings.

Here’s a good idea – ban these fkg ‘smart’ monkey phones from all public places. Let the ‘smart’ pedophiles use them at home, but keep them away from children and the public at large. Not to mention in the fkg hot pools. These smart monkey freaks even wave them around in the changing rooms these days, like microchiped homosexual monkeys in some sort of lab experiment.

Do you remember the first basic cell phones? You could text and ring people. Now these new age wankers are all kitted out with full blown gang stalking and child grooming software.

The biggest perverts and freaks in our society have never had so much power. The ones with the latest iPhones.

Here is another interesting little clip filmed outside of Whangarei – had pulled up for 20 minutes off State High Way 1 to do some work and check some emails – as per usual, a gang stalker shows up a few minutes later and parks right behind us and then sits there on his smart homosexual monkey phone and starts recording us.

Now get this – this little Masonic redhead gang stalker was all dressed up in a Red T Shirt (they colour code their gang stalking), with a huge big flowery wrist bracelet on his right arm…..and get this, car registration plate YR3332.

Now if you have been paying attention you will notice that straight away. 333/2 is code for 666. And the advanced class will figure out that YR3332 sums to 18, which is equal to RED in Masonic/ Jewish/ Persian numerology, which is also equal to 3×6 or 666.

Media Whores has been very careful over the past couple years of these Masonic gang stalking events to avoid any physical confrontation – having had our lawful right to defend ourselves removed by some corrupt cross dressing pedophile enabling Judge a few years ago – so all we have been doing here is recording these freaks….not trying to start a fight or spill blood in the streets. We have indeed been very patient.

What was also interesting  however – was that as we pulled out of this rest area, two fully uniformed policemen drove into the rest area in an unmarked car as we left. ie) these Masonic snakes had police waiting just outside the location as back up.

ie) The NZ police are running and funding this gang stalking program in your neighborhoods – to try and create a reaction and a crime – which is called entrapment. And doing it with YOUR tax money. Dressing up as homosexual monkeys and driving around trying to start fights with Kiwi citizens, so that they can arrest them.

You dirty little filthy communist/ Bolshevik pedophile fkers

Fk off.

Meanwhile Whangarei probably has around 100 Jewish Sayanim meth houses operating around its neighborhoods with free reign – while the local police help stage terrorism in the area, and play dress up to try to start fights with those who expose their bullshit. Welcome to Jewish lunatic owned and controlled Communist New Zealand folks….its only for your own health and safety mind.

Jeff Pipe – Man of Steel – Shot Twice but Still Smiling! Whangarei ‘Shooting’

There is a redhead /RH negative spy / shill who has commented on this Youtube video stating this is police gang stalking and not redhead gang stalking – well who do you think runs the NZ  government you silly Sayanim cunt?


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