$249 = $666 Orange Masonic Alert! #TheyLive



Fucking incredible

Just figured this one out

That sign at Bunnings the other day – with the redhead high viz orange alert dude – this is how it is decoded in Masonic / Jewish numerology ….

$ is $nake. The Rothschild snakes that we all worship.

249 sums to 15 which is 6

2=4 = 6

And the 6 is 9/ 69 which is Cancer in the Zodiac. Jimmy Hendrix explained that one quite well.

That is 666 folks

That sign actually says/ decodes as $666.

With a redhead high viz alert dude right next to it,

Fucking unbelievable

But here is the really creepy part – how would they know that you are going to be in that store, at that time, in that particular aisle.

Out of this World.

Quite literally.

From another Dimension / Demon Zion?

What we refer to as Time. Old man Time. Cronus. Saturn. Satan.

Although we did Google search power drills the night before and checked Bunnings range on their website, which would have given these highly dedicated Masonic freaks a whole day to set their stage.

Either way – we are living – or at least half asleep – in a fkg dairy farm – for human beings. Run by 666 snakes……the tranny 666 beast…….now apparently using all of your Google data to spy on you and gang stalk you.


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