Another Juwish / Masonic Redhead Gang Stalking Event – Snakes in a Pitt, High Viz Purple Alert



If you think this is in any way normal – that almost everyone that walks past us is a redhead and/or wearing high viz and/or a purple top (the colours of Saturn) – then ask yourself, when did 80% of the NZ population suddenly become redheads? Or go back and look at our other videos on that channel and you will notice they are all redheads also. Almost all of our gang stalkers are redheads.

This is what is happening folks – the Matrix is breaking down. Despite their best efforts – and all of the latest technology. All is being revealed. As promised.

And if you get off your dead animal diets, your toxic/ fake medications and other drugs – you will start to see it also….

That we are indeed living in a Pitt of snakes – who mind control and farm us our entire lives – from the womb to the tomb. Its called ‘Time’/ Cronus/ the Crown/ Saturn/ Satan. The Grim Reaper. From the 4th Dimension/ Demon Zion. The shape shifting Phoenician Jews and Satan’s little army of helpers. Parasiting off all the living red blooded men and women – no different to a dairy farm.

Some better quality stills first – followed by the footage – really should learn that video editing software aye. Sit down for 10 mins to drink a smoothie – 15-20 redheads suddenly show up and walk past – many of them in the now standard purple or high viz gang stalking attire…..


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