The Jews Now Completely Control New Zealand – via Google & the Internet



Well – Google have all but closed down our main source of income in the past 2 weeks.

Ever since we announced ourselves King and formed a new Republic – which will not be run by these kiddie fiddling fake Jewish / fascist redheads.

Still blocking the website – which says it all really.

We will not post all of the details here but it is a website that we have run for 5-6 years – putting in hundreds of dedicated hours of work into it over those years – making sure it was the very best in it’s industry in terms of searchability – following all of Google’s own SEO rules for many years – leagues ahead of it’s nearest competitor by 10 fold. And now just ‘wiped off the map’ almost over night – because we decided to try and set up some real competition to this corrupt Jew/ Corporate owned and controlled kiddie fiddler/ pedophile Nazi/ Zionist Satanist system currently in place.

The kiddie fiddling fake Jews now completely control New Zealand – and indeed the entire West – mostly just via Google. And Facebook and the likes.

And they just ‘switch off’ anyone who dares challenge it.

What a bunch of low life corrupt pedophile Nazi/ Zionist cunts they are….these Phoenician freaks behind the digital curtain.

Also now sitting there sending us email and web form offers for sex, dating, new business opportunities, and the Sam Ovens ‘become an ass bandit millionaire’ campaign seems to have kicked off again.

The plan is apparently to try and starve us out – and be ready there waiting when we finally snap to step in with the all new life plan. What a fkg bore. It is the salvage business these niggas are in after all. First they destroy you and fk you over – then they are there waiting to help you once you crack, to be your savior and friend all over again, with one of a range of their organizations (fuck there goes that word Orange!!) or related scams.

Fkg over it. Can see it has been happening our entire life now that we have woken up to it. And it will be happening to you too, rest assured.

And quite Biblical isn’t it – those without ‘the Mark’ of the Beast (Jew Blood/ DNA) will not be allowed to ‘buy and sell’ ie) get wealthy or have a say in the way in the Nation is run.

Been dong it to us our entire life we realize now. Constantly controlling us, spying on us…and then reigning us in if we start getting too much power or success. Everything we have ever fkg done, right back to sport as a kid with some half ass Jew being selected for a team before us etc.

These pedophile snake fake Jews really are a disgustingly corrupt bunch.

Snapped another one of them recently in North Canterbury – gives you a good idea – the fat creepy looking androgynous kiddie porn looking types – the cockroaches that come out of the wood work where ever we go and start stalking us with their iPhones. And every redhead House of David spy in a mile swooping in also, as per usual. Again with the masonic orange and purple (colour of Saturn) jackets. This is how these demons control all of you on a daily basis – colour coded gang stalking and mind control. As well as a few of the all new ‘refugee’ monsters who have also picked up the Jewish snake DNA disease from the Jew rapists now running around in the Middle East abusing everything they can get their hands on.

We live in a pit of snakes – or at least run by snakes – creepy pedophile Jew snakes. We are leaning more and more to the idea that they actually come from the 4th dimension – there is no other explanation for how they just show up out of the blue with colour coded attire, so fast. Either that or these snakes are just using an advanced astrological computer to calculate what your location and movements will be- something we have mentioned before – all of the World is a light show /stage / as above so below.

And rest assured – the worst of these freaks are targeting your children also. They abuse as many kids as they can in our communities. That is where the mind control begins. And the entire reason behind their breaking up the family agenda of the past 30+ years, so they can get better access.

All of our communities and towns are now crawling with these Masonic freaks…..

The beast is a bitch – and I see it.


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