Three Crack Head German Faggots Run Google New Zealand – from a Secret High Tech Bunker in Te Anau


Featured Image – yes, of course we know that is four Jewish faggots, but we also suspect Peter Thiel plays the role of Mark ‘Sucker/Iceberg’… well as Jason Ardern.


Shit that deserves its own headline as well doesn’t it.

Another King Hit… heard it here first, like all the real news these days.

“Media Whores can confirm the latest trick from the team at Google NZ today – the company / franchise being secretly run by the three Jewish / German Sayanim faggots: Kim Dotcom, Peter Thiel and Sam Morgan – and apparently from some high tech bunker they have set up down around Te Anau, with high speed cable connecting them to the NZ network. All three of those demonic faggots are now based down there you might recall – and at least two of them are in the Nation illegally.”


Google’s Latest Trick – they show your website to you – but no one else.

These homosexual Jewish niggers figured out that Te Anua would be the safest place to base their operation – which is the high tech military takeover of New Zealand and it’s entire economy – on behalf of Israel/ Germany / Russia and the Zionist / Nazi Jews.

When they finally pull the pin and collapse the entire system – these three high level faggots will be helicopterd to a waiting ship on the nearby coast to escape – back to Israel/ the Pitt, from whence they came.

Much like Hitler’s escape at the end of WWII

They all then drink human childrens blood to change their DNA make up and ages – then reappear some time later in new Nations under new ID’s, usually as kids who came from nowhere and suddenly made it big, again. On repeat.

The Four Creepy Homosexual Nazis that Secretly Run New Zealand Inc…..

The Kim Dotcom Holocaust & The Hegelian Dialectic


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    Zaros says:

    Joogle, jew tube, talmudvision, nettenyahu-flix, the jewdicial system, the edjewcation system…. these brainwashing demons are everywhere

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