Dyrberg Kern – Satan and His Bitch are Coming 666 #TOS


Featured Image – Dyrberg Kern – you live in a demon prison – run by satanic shape shifting German Jews who keep you dosed up on wine, and drugs, so that you never see your cage  – as they suck the soul out of you before finally trading you in for an underage kids later in life once you are spent.  Congrats. Oh, and here is your piece of Jew-ry……


‘Dye Bitch – see if I am Concerned’…..

Berg is ice Berg/ big hidden. Dye Big – see if I care.

Children of the Korn

Satan’s children.

Drugging you and raping you and calling it romance. ie) Necromongers

And of course the colours of Saturn

Satan and his bitch – are coming 666


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