In the Belly of the Beast – Homosexual Ponsonby Snakes – 666 George FM #TheyLive


Featured Image – 666 George FM – another Jewish owned child sex and drug movement . George is 39 in numerology, another hidden 666. That sign actually says 666/ 666 in Jewish/ Phoenician. 666/666 George FM was set up by Luke Dallow, cousin of Simon Dallow – two more redhead ISIS in NZ members – from one of these Holocaust surviving’ German / Nazi family. 


Nobody would have believed…….

….but they have indeed invaded and taken over.


Liberal homosexual snakes it seems. Cleverly disguising themselves as fashionable ‘liberals’. Ponsonby being the liberal transgender homosexual hub and the blue print for the corporate pedophiles microchip paradise on the way.

Its Snakes on a Plane alright – plane-T Earth.

They did it by targeting your hearts and making you all feel guilty about yourselves. They are masters at deception and lying. That is all they do.

Their end goal is apparently to completely eradicate all forms of normal heterosexual love and romance – and replace it with necromancy, anal sex, pedophilia and a permanent lingering faint smell of homosexual ass at a crack house. Their paradise/ new Ju-rulesum on what was once called Earth.

The modus operandi is to try and sexually abuse all of your children, then get them all hooked on meth, then use the media, government, legal system and corporations they own to try and convince them that they are just ‘gay’….and then eventually transgender them all, while sucking the last of their souls out of them. The job done. Paradise.

It’s obviously too late for Ponsonby – but it might not be too late to save your town!



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    cindy says:

    There is a poisonous event on tonight in Auckland that with be paedo and sodomite packed to the brim probably.

    My Year With Helen with Helen Clark and Gaylene Preston

    Hoyts Cinema: Sylvia Park, 286 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland

    Thursday 6 September 2018 6:30pm – 9:00pm. With questions and answers after the film. $35

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