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Still in Amberly.

Been posting some older videos on Youtube from Auckland.

These filthy nigger German faggots run NZ – with meth – and hide away each night raping kids and getting high. Their new Jerusalem

One of them is bound to crack sooner or later……

Media Whores Insurance

Ok folks – they blew out our clutch a few days ago when coming down one of the steepest pieces of road in the South Island, in a 2.6 tonne camper. We have managed to confirm that you do not get a combustion smell when your clutch goes. So it was rigged to blow. Thus those masons tagging us down the road and stopping to watch.

Two days before that they stabbed out one of our tires at a rest area.

Now we are parked up for at least a week while we wait to get the clutch fixed. Its not a small job. Up to 2k.

And the snakes are moving in all around us – as per usual. All dressed up in their purple jumpers….walking their dogs. The dark glasses on. Like snakes. Sick of filming them. Would rather not look at them.

But if anything else happens – know this:

  • there will be a corrupt local Mason cop in charge of the investigation. Or possibly just helping and a more corrupt one bought in specially.
  • possibly a corrupt masonic fire fighter or fire station chief, if they chose that route.
  • everyone around will be a fake witness, bought in specially for the event. They will all lie. They will all be masons and/ or new age churchy types. Serial killers who have done it all before. Probably shipped in for it. Probably one in a wheel chair or something to make it more believable. Targeting your heart. With bullshit. Anyone telling the truth will not be interviewed. They are ALL guilty as sin, if they are interviewed. There will be big payoffs for the satanic cunts.
  • Sian Elias the chief justice will be running the entire operation ie) assassinating journalists in New Zealand. In fact not just a journalist, now the self proclaimed King of the new Republic – which is causing massive headaches as that article tops 10 million views in a day or so and Google try to keep the site blocked.
  • all/any journalists will be masons or family members also – corrupt to the core.
  • look out for the redheads – they are a very dedicated bunch to the Nazi/ Zionist cause. Died and gray hair included. Many of them under some kind of demonic mind control.
  • do not let them take/ keep the body – God only knows what these sick cunts do with the bodies not least of those they really dislike.

That’s the cheapest insurance you can get. The only insurance really.

Blame the Nazis below…….then chase these demon Satanist niggas out of your Nation – and run with the new Republic…..it will happen World wide soon anyway – rest assured. Just won’t be televised. Or on Youtube.

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