Nazi Satanist Witches have Taken Over New Zealand


Featured Image – ‘Terry’ Bellamak – the German tranny who wants more abortions 


Just keep chucking as much out there as we can – while we still can

Presumably sooner or later it will have to go onto the streets though.

These freaks have totally invaded and are now running everything – under the clever disguise of political correctness – and ‘the clit. And they don’t even have clits.

We keep calling them ‘Jews’ but it can’t be ignored that most of them are actually German trannies.

Something has gone seriously wrong in the matrix.

What the fk is going on?

Is it just the Germans breaking down in the Matrix? Or is it the Jews? Or is it the same thing?

And why on Earth are they now all cutting off their balls and wearing dresses?

And how much longer can humanity sustain this shit?

These Nazi/ Jew Satanist tranny witches are unsustainable.




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One thought on “Nazi Satanist Witches have Taken Over New Zealand”

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    Jack says:

    The paedophile satanist Nazi witch Helen Clark in “incontinence nappies” because she is too sick. Can’t handle an “intelligent leak”, thanks to so much “lesbian fisting”. Quoted from Gregg Hallett 2008.
    And the other child cannibal sewer rats that hang around her.
    Especially that one monster legged Margaret Wilson who was put in as Attorney General at the time (means she got to call the shots on who the totally corrupt Judiciary is going to be) (and their decision making) (remember these characters are under a pseudo military regime), so decisions must follow a chain of command. Hence Jim Bolger (had to sign off) and the Bain family mass murder to cover up the Dunedin paedophile satanic hub connection.
    Depending on how important the decisions to be made, it goes all the way to the top, in the UK. Which is the “Maori” NZ Judge “Lowell Goddard” enabled, massive Satanist bloodline paedophile ring still running UK politics and the whole UK paedophile sodomist satanic Nazi kiddie killing and cannibalising agenda, while Hugh Fletcher and friends sodomise Maori children while dressed in Nazi uniforms. Get the idea, using Maoris to sodomise Maori youth. Befriend and then destroy them as modus operandi. As Nazi satanic ritual abuse……it couldn’t be more treacherous towards Maoris than that.
    Anything for a free feed…eh Winston Peters….eh dirty little dwarf boy.
    This pair of satanist witches (Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson, whose apprentice in satanist sadist occult mafia crime was Jacinda Ardhern) and associate sewer rats. Are also responsible since 2008, for the current 1080 poisoning, due to this business of running totally corrupt Courts.
    Meaning that the WW3 nationwide holocaust of NZ native birds, disguised as “pest free NZ by 2050” with 1080 poison, controlled by that disgusting slime ball paedophile sodomist bloodline Robert Fenwick. Has as its original identity, these two sadist witches Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson.
    Two main 2008 cases were totally corrupted by this pair of vile, sick, evil monsters and associate sewer rats.
    (1) Gregg Hallett which the Auckland Courts triple sealed from public view, and seized so the case could not go ahead. AND
    (2) The case against 1080 brought by the meticulous scientific research skills of Dr Whiting–O’Keefe (specialist Phd science research method designer who amongst a lot of other stuff maintains that DOC research is totally corrupt and not even up to undergraduate standard), and Clyde Graff (of “poisoning paradise fame” YouTube), and Dr Peter Scanlan and others.
    Note that falsifying science research is common to the international corporations modus operandi. As per the recent multi million dollar award against Monsanto over falsifying science and covering up science over Glyphosate, “roundup”.
    This particular case should have seen the use of 1080 poison terminated in 2008. Because of the massive human and forest life damage. But what they did is they got rid of the meticulous research of Dr peter Scanlan (the opposite of planting evidence) (they got rid of the evidence by refusing to include it in their reply). As well as a whole lot of other totally corrupt stuff standard to NZ satanic occult mafia law courts.
    At the time, 2008, it was not known just how totally and insidiously corrupt the NZ lower courts were, up to and including the High Court and the Appeal Court, all the way to the Supreme court.
    (Supreme Court Act rammed through by Helen Clark to put Sian Elias, or get this “Nazi ritual sodomising of Maori youth”, as modus operandi, in charge), and that 1080 poison of NZ was being controlled by the child cannibalism and blood drinking satanic agenda of the Rothschild’s in London.
    MEANING THAT the paedophile satanist Nazi witch HELEN CLARK is the real reason that 1080 poison exists in New Zealand to this day.
    As far back as 2001, it was found that DOC was DELIBERATELY COVERING UP the fact that “ground pest control”, by GPS gridding, by timberlands contractors in the South Island was (1) less than half the price (2) achieved a 95% plus pest kill including ferrets and stoats, and (3) an almost zero bird kill.
    MEANING a massive deliberate theft of unknown huge amounts of money of the NZ taxpayer by Helen Clark, and THAT HELEN CLARK is as personally connected to the mass murder of NZ native birds as Robert Fenwick, knowing full well that there are much more effective solutions. DELIBERATE MASS MURDER IN THE most sadistic way possible, of all New Zealanders most precious native birds, to the point today that the result planned will virtually be WW3 or near total holocaust upon NZ native birds. Not to mention mass poisoning by a human endocrine disruptor, poisoning other women’s wombs, turning men’s testes into infertile mush etc via 1080 poisoning Auckland via the Hunua water supply etc.
    The darkest aspect of this is that according to the terms whereby the art of sympathetic magic works, which the Rothschilds use as a satanic agenda, the WW3 holocaust of NZ native birds EQUATES geometrically with the WW3 holocaust of humans on the earth. That the real reason behind the mass murder and WW3 holocaust of NZ native birds, by these satanists, is to set the pattern into effect for their WW3, which they require as a preliminary to total satanic takeover of the Earth as a new world order or globalist agenda.
    Which worship the ancient God from called Baal or satan, which requires cannibalism and sacrifice of children. To eventually farm people for such a religion, simply to take their children off them to fund the requirements of an ever growing satanic religion for more blood and more children. And as their higher levels increase in numbers, so also the lore extreme the levels of torture to be used upon these children.
    Socialist sharing has nothing to do with it. It is simply a way to implement a satanic child cannibalism agenda globally. Not a pretty picture at all.

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