Ponsonby Jews for eL / Jewellery – 666 Satan Worship #TheyLive #TOS


Featued Image – Bijoux Ju / Jewellery Ponsonby – More Jewish Satanic death worship, now cleverly disguised as fashion. #TheyLive

While on the Ponsonby theme – check it out

These sick demonic cunts now run it all……

And Ponsonby is the Jewish / Nazi Satan worshiping hub of New Zealand….

The beast is a transvestite Nazi bitch – wearing expensive ju-llery …..and I see it.

These Satanic tranny Jews are out to kill you – make no mistake about it. All they require by law, is your consent.


#TheyLive – and they are all around you now. Feeding off us, perched on top of our very souls…….


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