Prince Harry is an Actor Pushing the Islamic Agenda


Featured Image – ‘Prince Harry’ holds up the devils horns hand signal specially for the cameras to help scare the Christians


All of the Royals are actors

All of the politicians are actors

Jewish controlled Google are now your Government.

That is why these niggas are blocking the new Republic website

There are no real British Royals. There is only King James of the new Republic (so far).

Prince Harry is nothing more than another redhead House of David/ Saturn actor – in a fake marriage to another half breed Jewish tranny – being paid to push the Islamic agenda – the Persian elites’ new corporate / fake religion to be run from their ‘new Jerusalem’ in the Middle East – the snakes moving out of the West and back to the East, as they do every 2000 years or so. On repeat.

Enter the redhead Islamic Jew to help explain it to everyone – and scare them some more…….

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