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Featured Image – Temporary Map of the Republic of New Zealand – King James temporary version. Final edit pending. 


Ok- we said we would publish a full list of everyone who has sent their $12 fee to join the new Republic.

Trustee Account Details for the Republic of New Zealand

We have taken some advice – from the sparrows we feed outside our door – and decided that this could compromise people’s freedoms…and ability to fly around and play.

So instead we will simply confirm that the funds are now available to proceed with the website for the new Republic – which will replace the old cistern of Governance and allow us to eventually fire 130 odd corrupt / pedophile/ drug addict MP’s and probably half your council staff also. All government related work will be put back up for tender for those who like to work and crash about doing things. Crashing about doing things is not overly encouraged in the new Republic – you are a human being after all – not a human doing – but any and all decisions made by the Sovereign Kings and Queens who join the Republic will be honored and carried out. King James is interested in a discussion about a high speed electric rail line running the full length of the Nation for one – which will remove all heavy trucks off our roads once and for all.

Work on the new Republic website is now underway. It will be hosted in Northern Europe initially – until we can get these corrupt Google niggas under control – possibly following their arrest and /or eviction.


Anyone wishing to confirm our receipt of their funds – or work in progress – are advised ot contact the website contractors and / or Trustee of the new Republic directly…

They have the full list of details and will be happy to help



King James of Christ’s Church



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